Mysterious Bus Driver Who Drives a Lamborghini to Work Goes Viral in China

A bus driver is going viral all over China after photos were captured of him driving to work in luxury supercars. 
The man’s identity is still unknown and netizen speculate that he is really a tuhao who conceals his identity during work hours.
The driver says that he sees himself as just any ordinary citizen, but drives to work in a Lamborghini Gallardo or blue Audi R8, according to NetEase.
Netizens has voiced their opinions online, according to Shanghaiist:
“Those luxury cars cost millions of RMB, where is he getting all that money from?” one netizen wrote in.
“Give me two cars like that and I’ll drive a bus too,” another commented.
“This man should resign, jobs like this should be reserved for people who need it,” argued another web user.
“My other car is a Lamborghini.”
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