Man Tries to Impress Model Girlfriend With a Rented Lamborghini, Fails Miserably

How do you impress a hot model girlfriend? A flashy car like a Lamborghini would do the trick. How to not impress her? Smash that same car then blame it on her.
Such is the case of a Taiwanese man only identified as Ding, who in an attempt to impress his 18-year-old girlfriend, rented a nice, yellow Lamborghini Gallardo last week. Two days later, the same car would be seen smashed in the Sanchong area in New Taipei City. The front part of the Lamborghini was reportedly destroyed beyond repair due to an accident.
Local news agencies reported that his girlfriend, who is reportedly a model, was excitedly posting pictures featuring the flashy vehicle and the couple on social media. After the crash however, Ding told the police that the driver was actually not him but his girlfriend. The investigation however revealed that the car was actually a rental and it was in fact Ding who was driving.  
The model then denied to the authorities that they were even a couple. She also immediately deleted all their photos from social media. There were no reported injuries aside from Ding’s apparent broken heart. According to police reports, Ding rented the Lamborghini for over $1,500 a day and must now pay over $200,000 in damages.
Aside from lying about the car, Ding also reportedly claimed that he is a rich businessman who runs an international trade company in China. His friends revealed later that Ding actually works in a local milk tea shop in Taiwan.
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