HK Superstar Aaron Kwok Drives Lamborghini Through Protesters While Getting Diapers

HK Superstar Aaron Kwok Drives Lamborghini Through Protesters While Getting Diapers
Khier Casino
September 9, 2019
Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok was driving a Lamborghini on his way to buy diapers for his baby daughter when he was caught in the middle of anti-government protests on Sunday night.
Thousands of demonstrators donning masks and black T-shirts gathered at the U.S. consulate to call for support in bringing democracy to Hong Kong, according to InkStone.
Kwok was stranded in the middle of protests in the Causeway Bay district as reporters asked for his views on the movement and whether his was worried about his black Lamborghini Huracán getting damaged.
“I am buying diapers for my daughter,” the 53-year-old singer-actor replied.
Kwok slowly drove away in his Lambo, which reportedly costs half a million dollars, after protesters took photos with and of him.
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Kwok was praised for purchasing the diapers for his two daughters — Chantelle, 2, and Charlotte, who is about 5 months, according to Straits Times.
The singer-actor is married to model Moka Fang, and will appear in “Theory of Ambitions” and “I’m Living It” later this year.
Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced last Wednesday that the controversial bill that would allow extradition to mainland China will formally be withdrawn.
However, many protesters saw the decision as “too little, too late.”
Besides the withdrawal of the bill, four other demands must be met: an investigation of alleged police brutality, retract classification of protestors as “rioters,” amnesty of arrested protestors and implementation of universal suffrage.
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