Troll Blocks $500K Lambo With His Wheelchair, Driver Forced to Push Him Out of the Way

In a story out in Gloucester, England, an unknown man in a wheelchair was caught on camera purposely blocking the path of a red £350,000 (roughly $500,00) Lamborghini Aventador. 
The driver of the car is seen honking his horn repeatedly to get the man to move. Eventually, he gets out of the car and wheels the man to the side of the road himself.
However, the man would not let down and immediately wheeled himself back in front of the Lambo’s path. In the end, another passerby restrained him to let the car past.
The car is owned by Platinum Executive Travel, which is owned by Instagram celebrity ‘Lord’ Aleem Iqbal, who’s known for his fleet of supercars, according to the Daily Mail.
At the time, it was driven by his manager Mark Brewer. He told the Daily Mail:
“We do a lot of charity work with the cars, and I was out in Gloucester when this happened. As you can imagine, the cars draw huge attention everywhere they go, so we’re always happy to pull up and let kids have a photo with them, or hear the engines roar.
I think the guy in the wheelchair had had a bit to drink when he stopped me. He’d tried blocking me a couple of times but failed. The one time I ended up going down a dead end, he’s wheeled himself into the middle of road.”
“He was shouting and swearing at me. I don’t really know why – it must have been the car.
I asked him to move but he wouldn’t. By this point there were around 50 or 60 people filming it all. Realising he wasn’t going to move, I eventually got out and moved him to kerb.
In the end it was all just a bit of a laugh. Everyone was clapping and cheering when I moved him on. I think the geezer just wanted a little bit of fame!”
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