Badass Japanese Officer Chases Down Lamborghini on a BICYCLE

Badass Japanese Officer Chases Down Lamborghini on a BICYCLEBadass Japanese Officer Chases Down Lamborghini on a BICYCLE
In what may sound like a scene straight from an anime, a Japanese patrol cop pulled over a driver on a Lamborghini after chasing the supercar on his bicycle.
A rather embarrassing video of the chase was uploaded on YouTube earlier this month, where it shows a Lamborghini Huracán making an illegal turn at an intersection in Japan, according to SoraNews24.
Screenshot via YouTube
With its signal light on, the driver in the supercar patiently waits for the pedestrians to cross safely to the other side before going its way.
As the crowd clears up, the driver immediately pumps his gas and revs up the engine. However, little did the driver know that a patrol cop was already on his tail.
Screenshot via YouTube
The cop uses physics to his advantage and rides down the slope to catch up to the supercar. It’s unclear, however, how long it took the policeman to chase the car since the whole incident was taken from several other traffic cameras.
Screenshot via YouTube
Regardless, the cop still managed to hand at ticket to the person behind the wheel. The whole chase attracted many comments from netizens.
Screenshot via YouTube
Some people wrote:
I thought it was gonna be a motorcycle cop, but nope, it’s a bicycle cop!”
Man, getting caught by a cop on a housewife-style chari bike? That’s gotta be embarrassing.”
Whoa, catching a Lamborghini on a bicycle? This guy deserves a medal.”
It’s really polite how the cop kneels down so that he can talk to the driver at eye-level.”
I like the part where the Porsche just nonchalantly cruises by at the 24-second mark [as the Lamborghini is getting pulled over]”
Featured Image via YouTube / comb318
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