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TikTok user shares ‘POV’ of Indians receiving ‘backhanded’ racial compliments

  • A TikTok user uploaded a viral video on Tuesday where he shows a comedic “POV” (point of view) of what it’s like receiving “backhanded compliments” as an Indian.
  • In the 12-second skit, a voice can be heard telling the man that he is “very sexy for an Indian” and “smells good for an Indian” as the creator frowns at the camera.
  • The video has garnered over 3.1 million views and 566,000 likes since being uploaded.

A viral video on TikTok shows what it’s like to receive “backhanded compliments” as an Indian.

In the 12-second skit captioned “POV: U get complimented ‘for an Indian,’” TikTok user @byefarzy tells an unseen person, “It was really nice meeting you.” The voice then responds: “I must say, you’re very sexy for an Indian. Yeah, and you smell good for an Indian too.” 

Transgender activist attacked in San Francisco robbery attempt says she was targeted for being Hindu

  • Anjali Rimi, president and chief executive officer of Parivar Bay Area, a San Francisco-based nonprofit supporting queer and trans South Asians, fell victim to an attempted robbery on Saturday night.
  • Rimi was crossing a street with a friend — another trans South Asian woman — when a motorcycle “suddenly revved up” and “came at us,” she told SFGate.
  • The 43-year-old sustained a hand injury in the incident, which she believes was a targeted crime because she is Hindu and was wearing a sari at the time.
  • San Francisco police, however, said they found “no indication that this was a prejudice-based incident.”

A trans Indian woman believes she was targeted for wearing a sari in an alleged attempted robbery in downtown San Francisco on Saturday night.

Anjali Rimi, president and chief executive officer of Parivar Bay Area — a local nonprofit supporting queer and trans South Asians — sustained a hand injury in the incident which involved a speeding motorcycle.

Indian medical student refused to flee war-torn Ukraine without her Siberian husky puppy

pets in ukraine
  • A Kerala medical student, Arya Aldrin, refused to leave behind her six-month-old Siberian Husky puppy Zaira in Ukraine during evacuation.
  • Aldrin was planning to leave Ukraine on an Air Asia chartered flight with her pet; however, the plane would not allow the dog onto the flight.
  • The 20-year-old had tried to find a shelter for Zaira but was unable to do so and opted to search for another flight that would allow the two to leave together.
  • Some Ukrainians are fleeing the country with their pets as many refuse to leave them behind as the Russian invasion continues.
  • The luckier animals without homes are being rescued by volunteers and are being kept and fed in shelters.

An Indian medical student in Ukraine, Arya Aldrin, refused to evacuate the country without her beloved six-month-old Siberian puppy, Zaira, amidst the Russian invasion.

Aldrin, who is originally from Kerala, India, adopted Zaira while attending medical school in Ukraine. 

Indian students stranded in Ukraine plead for help: ‘There is a lot of panic’

indian students stranded ukraine
  • About 13,000 Indian students studying abroad in Ukraine are still stranded and desperately calling on the Indian Embassy to help them evacuate the war-torn country.
  • The Indian embassy is organizing evacuation efforts for Indian citizens in Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Moldova, but many students located in eastern Ukraine, where the war has intensified, are fearing for their lives.
  • Many international Indian students had been drawn to Ukraine’s universities due to their affordability and easier entrance requirements.
  • In one viral tweet posted on Feb. 28, stranded Indian students desperately called for help on social media. “Please help us get out immediately,” one student said in the video. “There is a lot of panic.”

Thousands of Indian students studying abroad in Ukraine are desperately calling on the Indian Embassy to help them evacuate the war-torn country.

According to The Wall Street Journal, around 8,000 of the estimated 20,000 Indians residing in Ukraine have fled from the country since India’s External Affairs Ministry issued its advisory on Feb. 15. About 13,000 out of the estimated 18,000 Indian students enrolled in Ukrainian universities, however, are still left stranded as of Feb. 27, reported NDTV

Indian American couple from ‘Love is Blind’ not so blind when it comes to race and attraction

love is blind couple
  • The “Love is Blind” Season 2 finale airs tomorrow, and people wonder whether one of the show’s most popular couples, Indian American couple Deepti Vempati and Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee will say “I do” at the altar.
  • Shake confessed on several occasions that he did not feel physically attracted to Deepti, and compared his feelings towards her as “aunt” like, despite finding nothing wrong with her appearance or personality.
  • The two originally bonded over a shared culture but repeatedly mentioned throughout the series that neither had dated people of any ethnicity “but white” before meeting the other.
  • As many social media users have brought up, this seems to point to the larger issue of internalized racism, in which people organize and adopt a racial hierarchy often based on stereotypes or conceptions. In these rankings, ‘white’ racial identities most always bring a level of prestige and high status.

Netflix airs the finale of “Love is Blind” tomorrow, and fans are wondering whether the show’s Indian American couple will say “I do” despite issues with physical attraction.  

In the show, 15 men and 15 women spent their first week doing one-on-one talk sessions in pods, separated by a wall, so they could not see each other’s faces. After a romantic vacation, moving in together and meeting each other’s families, all in the span of three weeks, couples then meet at the altar in the final episode and are given the choice to go through with the wedding and be married, or break up. 

Baby dies in India after man tries to help wife deliver at home using YouTube tutorials

Indian youtube baby delivery

An attempt by an Indian father to deliver a baby using YouTube tutorial videos resulted in a stillbirth and an arrest. 

Tragic end: R. Loganathan, a 34-year-old trader from the Ranipet district of the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, was arrested after a failed attempt at delivering his wife’s baby at home on Dec. 18, reported Khaleej Times.

Who is Harnaaz Sandhu? What the world didn’t hear about Miss Universe 2021

On Dec. 12, Harnaaz Sandhu was crowned Miss Universe 2021. When host Steve Harvey asked the contestant to “meow,” he missed out on an opportunity to ask about her many professional accomplishments and volunteering experiences.

A new Miss Universe: The 21-year-old model and actor, who hails from Chandigarh, India, is the first winner from India in 21 years.

More Younger South Asian Women Are Diagnosed With Aggressive Forms of Breast Cancer, Study Finds

A new study has found that younger Indian and Pakistani women have an increased rate of being diagnosed with more aggressive forms of breast cancer.

About the study: Researchers from the Rutgers School of Public Health and Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey conducted a study to look into the increasing rates of breast cancer cases among South Asian women in the United States published in Rutgers Today.