‘Collab of the century’: TikTok video of Indian and Scottish fusion wedding goes viral

‘Collab of the century’: TikTok video of Indian and Scottish fusion wedding goes viral
Michelle De Pacina
September 6, 2022
The wedding of an Indian man and a Scottish woman went viral on TikTok for its unique musical medley of both cultural backgrounds.
In a video posted to TikTok on Aug. 25, the couple can be seen entering their wedding reception venue with a band of men playing traditional Indian drums and a Scottish bagpipe.
Two men wearing traditional Indian clothing can be seen carrying and playing two-headed hand drums that appear to be dholaks, which are traditional Indian percussion instruments. In front of them, a man wearing a kilt and a Glengarry bonnet plays the bagpipe.
The tune that is played as the newlyweds enter the room combines both traditional Indian and Scottish music, resulting in a special rendition of “Scotland the Brave.”
“Sister got married over the weekend. Scottish side vs Indians. I call it Scindians,” Arun Bhopal, the brother of the bride, shared on TikTok. 
Viewers of the video, which has accumulated nearly 750,000 views and 127,000 likes, applauded the combination of two traditions to form a wedding song. 
“Absolutely LOVE this, two cultures coming together and appreciating each other,” one person said.
“The future we all want: everyone’s background is valued,” another viewer commented.
Many viewers also praised the music, with some asking for it to be available on music-streaming platforms.
“Can I get this on Spotify,” one person wrote. 
“‘Collab of the century,” wrote another commenter.
“We need more of this music. I need this. It’s so powerful,” another viewer said.
Featured Image via @jedisingh217
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