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How These 6 Asian Countries Celebrate Christmas

Christmas for Asians is all about spending time with family and friends, and the celebration comes in a variety of ways.

The westernized version of Christmas has been copied by other countries in Asia, with Santa Claus being a big factor during the celebrations. The holiday itself is mostly a secular celebration, as only a small fraction of the population of countries in Asia are Christians. Children and parents actively participate in Christmas celebrations when they are a part of schools run by Christian missionaries.

Halloween in the Philippines is Celebrated Very Differently And Can Last for 4 Days

halloween philippines

Halloween is a day where people can dress up, attend parties, and go trick-or-treating for free candy, but in the Philippines, this annual celebration goes well beyond the usual traditions.

As a predominantly Catholic nation, the Philippines celebrates Halloween with devotion. The festivities start on October 31 or sometimes October 30, depending on the year.

Why Chinese Relatives Fat Shame You at Every Family Gathering

If you’re an American-born Chinese like me, you dreaded greeting your relatives at holiday parties. It’s not because you dislike them, but because without hesitation or batting an eyelash, they would all comment about how fat you’ve gotten (fat shame, anyone?). To a Westerner like me, this would be a massive uncalled-for insult. Baffled and shocked, I would feel humiliated and resign to an awkward silence. However, to a Chinese native, this is as common as commenting that you got a haircut or a new sweater.

The fact of the matter is that commenting on your appearance isn’t a social taboo in China as it is in America. Being called fat isn’t exactly a compliment or an insult, but more of a statement or observation.