Why China’s Largest Cities Are Now Completely Deserted

Why China’s Largest Cities Are Now Completely DesertedWhy China’s Largest Cities Are Now Completely Deserted
Chinese New Year is finally here and millions of migrant workers leave the country’s largest cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to travel back to their hometowns for the holiday.
Every year, an estimated 2.8 billion trips are made over the course of the holiday, also known as Spring Festival, which actually doesn’t begin until February, according to Quartz.
The annual migration, considered to be the world’s largest, has left Beijing, usually home to 21.5 million, eerily deserted.
Those who have chosen to stay may experience loneliness in the city, but they are enjoying the breathtaking views, empty shopping malls and clear highways, which make for some hauntingly beautiful photos.
People don’t need to worry about rush hour traffic or a packed train as they commit during the next few days.
The International Business Times reported that some residents in Beijing who aren’t natives of the capital have also left for vacation to destinations such as Macau.
As part of the tradition, extended families gather with friends and sometimes coworkers to celebrate Lunar New Year.
They light fireworks, eat traditional food including dumplings, fish and noodles, and exchange gifts.
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