Photo of Chinese Tourists Go Viral After 1.4 Billion People Go on Vacation At the Same Time

Photo of Chinese Tourists Go Viral After 1.4 Billion People Go on Vacation At the Same Time
Ryan General
By Ryan General
October 10, 2017
As 1.4 billion people went on holiday last week, local tourist attractions suddenly became packed with visitors from all over the country for over an entire week during the National Day holiday.
Images taken from a Chinese theme park in Henan, central China, for example, showed it being totally overwhelmed with tourists.
Dubbed the “Golden Week”, the National Day holiday, which traditionally runs from Oct. 1-7, is prolonged to eight days this year because it coincided with Mid-Autumn Festival.
Photos of the crowded areas in one of the busiest tourist spots in the country emerged online soon after the all-important holiday wrapped up.
Interestingly, the multitude of tourists who came to visit the Millennium City Park in Kaifeng seemed to not mind the sea of people as they enjoyed the re-created environment inspired by the Song Dynasty (960-1279). The park, which opened in 1998, featured popular artistic masterpieces in Kaifeng between the 11th and 12th centuries. 
According to People’s Daily, the theme park’s 10-acre area was filled with too many people that moving around seemed to be too difficult.
One stone bridge in the park is shown in photos packed with an excited audience eager to watch a park performance.
It is worth noting, however, that the overcrowding did not just occur in Kaifeng, but it was evident in other tourist destinations across the country during the extended holiday.
Based on the figures from China National Tourism Administration, the tourists took 705 million trips in total during the eight-day break, generating a whopping 590 billion yuan ($88.5 billion) in tourism income. The figure was reportedly double that of five years ago.
The agency noted that the higher number of trips was due to improved public railway transport, and the free-of-charge policy on expressways during public holidays which was launched in 2012.
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