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TikTok user slammed for dumpling restaurant review: ‘I used to hear they were made of rats’

  • TikTok user @brettconti sparked controversy online for his video showcasing a dumpling restaurant in New York City.
  • In a now-deleted video that has since been reposted on Twitter, Conti presents Tasty Dumpling as “how I survived living in New York City when I was broke.”
  • “Honestly, not bad,” he says in his review of the Chinatown establishment’s dumplings. “I used to hear that they were made out of rats, but they taste good.”
  • Conti evoked further outrage after Twitter users discovered that his clothing brand, Fortune New York, sells items inspired by Asian culture and designs.

A TikTok user has sparked controversy online for his review of a dumpling restaurant in New York City. 

In a now-deleted video by TikTok user @brettconti that has since been reposted on Twitter, Conti presents the restaurant Tasty Dumpling as “how I survived living in New York City when I was broke.” He says the Chinatown establishment sold five dumplings for a dollar when he used to frequent it six years ago.

‘DTF?’: Redditor asks if friend is eating Din Tai Fung in the worst possible way

  • A Reddit user from Singapore said they lost a friend and got “destroyed” in a group chat after using the abbreviation “DTF” while referring to Taiwanese restaurant Din Tai Fung.
  • The user said they were trying to guess the restaurant where a friend was having a meal of dumplings and soup.
  • But as it turned out, the user’s friend took the abbreviation for its more suggestive acronym meaning “Down to f*ck,” which led to an apparent trial by group chat.
  • The user said they attempted to explain themself, but to no avail.
  • Fellow Reddit users sent the poster supportive comments, with one writing they’re “probably too old for all social media if this is how miscommunications are handled.”

A Reddit user from Singapore said they lost a friend and got “destroyed” in a group chat after using what they thought was a harmless abbreviation that ended up painting them in a very bad light.

In a June 23 post in the subreddit r/tifu — which stands for “Today, I f*cked up” — user NotFromYoutube recalled a friend posting a meal of dumplings and a bowl of soup on her Instagram Stories.

US chain Wow Bao threatens family-owned UK bao stall Bao Wow with legal action over name

  • Bao Wow, a pan-Asian food stall in the U.K., is rebranding after the U.S. chain Wow Bao threatened the owners with legal action.
  • Jonathan and Alicia Horsley, the owners of the Bao Wow stall at Darlington Market, were told to repurpose all their branding and social media by 4 p.m. on Friday.
  • Wow Bao, which supplies 500 restaurants across the U.S., said: “The use of Bao Wow in this way will infringe the WOW BAO Trade Marks under section 10(2) of the Trade Marks Act.”
  • Without resources to fight the case, the couple from Middleton St. George now seeks the public's help with finding a new name.

A couple is seeking the public’s help to rebrand their recently launched street food business in the U.K. after receiving threats of legal action over its name.

Husband and wife Jonathan and Alicia Horsley, owners of the pan-Asian food stall Bao Wow at Darlington Market, received a legal letter from U.S. supplier Wow Bao demanding that they change their stall’s name. 

Pizza Hut Indonesia releases dim sum pizza – no, it’s not an April Fools’ joke

dim sum pizza
  • Pizza Hut Indonesia released a dim sum pizza topped with chicken, mozzarella, onions, mushrooms, red peppers and tartar sauce last month.
  • The highlight of this new pizza is its crust, which consists of dumplings filled with shrimp and fish.
  • The dim sum pizza is only available in Indonesia and costs 123,000 Indonesian rupiah (approximately $8.56).

Pizza Hut Indonesia is selling an exclusive dim sum pizza that features a crust made of dumplings.

The new pizza, which was released on March 14 and sells for 123,000 Indonesian rupiah (approximately $8.56), comes with a tartar sauce base and is topped with chicken, mozzarella, onions, mushrooms and red peppers.

Singaporean Startup Gets Over $12 Million to Grow Seafood Using Stem Cells

Shiok Meats

Shiok Meats, a Singapore startup that creates lab-grown shrimps using stem cells, has received a new round of funding to help its research and development as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to put pressure on the global food supply chains.

The new round of Series A funding, which is worth $12.6 million, will help sustain Shiok Meats with its development of lab-grown seafood for three years, Chief Executive Officer and co-Founder Sandhya Sriram said, according to Bloomberg. The company gained attention for growing minced crab, lobster and shrimp meat in a lab using cells extracted from the actual creature.

America’s Oldest Dim Sum Restaurant Vandalized By Someone Angry at Japan for WW2

dim sum

A Chinese restaurant in San Francisco was defaced with the words “1975” and “Japan” last week, confusing some but its owners who thought of it as a deliberate ploy to upset Chinese people over the atrocities Imperial Japan had committed in World War II.

Hang Ah Tea Room, the oldest dim sum restaurant in the U.S. — having served patrons since 1920 — found the words written in permanent ink on a folding floor sign outside its door on Juneteenth (June 19), the day attributed to the celebration the freedom of those enslaved in America.

11 Of the Best Dishes You Can Order at Dim Sum

Ah, dim sum. This staple of Cantonese cuisine is a favorite of ours here at NextShark.

Unlike sushi, another popular Asian food option featuring bite-sized morsels, dim sum outside of Asia is generally not “Americanized,” for lack of a better word. No matter where you are around the world, the dim sum you’re picking off those carts is more or less the real deal.

The Mystery of the ‘Two Finger Tap’ at the Dim Sum Table

I remember the very first time I went to eat Dim Sum. I was in my second year of college and visiting my LDR boyfriend at the time, a snarky Taiwanese guy who had moved to California as a teenager. I had so far enjoyed going to his favorite restaurants, as they had always proved to be crazy delicious.

This time around, I had no idea what kind of learning experience I was in for; I just knew that as those doors opened and the glorious smells wafted from the kitchen into the waiting area, I was going to be in for a treat.