Ali Wong says she has ‘beef’ with getting Asian food with non-Asians

Ali Wong says she has ‘beef’ with getting Asian food with non-Asians
via The Kelly Clarkson Show
Iris Jung
April 18, 2023
Ali Wong recently ranted about eating Asian food with non-Asian people.
During her “The Kelly Clarkson Show” appearance on Thursday to promote her new Netflix series “Beef,” Wong played the game “Kelly and Ali Can’t Stand It” with show host Kelly Clarkson. While playing, the pair were given random topics to rant about.
Once the topic “Getting Asian Food with Non-Asian People” popped up, Wong had a lot to say.
“Are you kidding?” she said once she saw the topic. “This is the worst.”
While recalling her experiences as a stand-up comedian in New York, Wong revealed that other comedians would constantly ask her to “take me to dim sum.” But whenever Wong would indulge their wishes, they would say “What is that?” or “Ew” upon seeing the food.
“They’re basically asking: why is that not a sandwich? And it’s like, you asked me to take you here! Also, with dim sum, it’s all pork and shrimp. Just eat it,” she said. “It’s mostly just all the questions. … When people are squeamish and ask a ton of questions.”
Clarkson also joined in on the rant with her own thoughts.
“You know how people are like, ‘I love Chinese,” and then they get the most Americanized basic [dish]? They’re like, ‘I love Indian food’ and it’s like, chicken tikka masala … That’s annoying to me,” she said.
“Right. Right,” Wong agreed while laughing.
The duo also both said that they find it annoying when other people “food shame” or “yuck your yum.”
“Why did you just ‘yuck’ my food? Now I got to eat it,” Clarkson said.
“It’s so rude,” Wong added.
In the YouTube video of Wong’s appearance on Clarkson’s show, several commenters agreed with the food rant.
“I can soooo relate to Ali with dim sum and anything authentically Chinese food. Oh the questions and the squeamish reactions. I’m like ‘yes, I get that too!!’” one commenter wrote.
“That seems to be a very US-American issue, especially the attitude. You can ask questions about food in a polite and interested manner. Loudly saying ‘ew’ to someone’s food culture is never polite in any culture ever. It just shows you have no manners and weren’t raised right,” another commenter declared.
“My biggest beef is when non Asian peple ask me ‘what’s good here?’ Bro I never been here before,” another said.

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