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Son Resented His Dad for Never Saying ‘I Love You’, But Realized It Was There All Along

A parent’s love is expressed in a myriad of ways, but the most powerful gestures are usually unspoken and leave a lasting impact. 

On the popular Facebook group “subtle asian traits,” member Justin Tam posted about a small act of affection from his father Chung, who never said “I love you” or gave him hugs and kisses during most of his childhood. 

13 Asian Dads Who Are the Definition of Masculinity


It’s no surprise that men haven’t always been on the forefront when we think of parenthood. However, it’s 2018 and it’s time for things to be equal– including parenting. It’s a shame to think that some people out there think that being a good parent could diminish some idea of “masculinity.” Well, here are Asian dads who are the epitome of masculinity and fatherhood.

1. The Ballet Bodybuilder

This bodybuilder father who not only lifts dumbbells, but uplifts his daughter while in a tutu.

Bodybuilder Dad Rocks Tutu to Make Daughter Happy During Ballet Parent Night

Parents will do anything to make their child happy, but Thanh Tran from Tennessee went the extra mile for his 8-year-old daughter, Adriana Cross. He sported a black, poofy ballerina tutu and danced to music with his daughter beside him.

Students at Adriana’s ballet class were asked to bring one of their parents to join in as part of parent night. Since Adrianna’s realtor mother, Rebecca Tran, was already seven months into her pregnancy, her totally ripped bodybuilder coach father had to take one for the team.

Seattle Dad Raises $40,000 for Student Lunch Debt, Now Wants to Fund School Supplies

After raising thousands of dollars to help school children eat proper lunches in public schools in his area, a father is now seeking to generate funding to buy supplies for the local preschool.

Seattle dad Jeff Lew made headlines back in May after he successfully raised over $40,000 to pay for students’ lunch debts in three Washington state districts.

Loving Asian Dad Rush Delivers Mangoes to His Daughter When She Forgets to Take Them to College

Cecilia Li, 19-year-old student at UCLA and fruit enthusiast, and her dad are going viral for their endearing story of mangoes and fatherly love.

Li, who had begun taking summer courses at UCLA, regularly visits her family in San Diego when not in school. Last weekend, she drove down to San Diego to see them on Saturday, but had to rush back on Sunday morning for a class later that day.