Singapore’s Hottest Daddy is Going Into Acting at 52

Singapore’s Hottest Daddy is Going Into Acting at 52
Carl Samson
September 17, 2018
Chuando Tan, the 52-year-old Singaporean daddy with
With looks that pass for a college-guy-next-door, Tan saw his popularity spike after a wide media coverage last year.
His Instagram followers have since ballooned from tens of thousands to a whopping 1.1 million.
As such, it makes sense that the age-defying bachelor would take things to the next level. In April, he moved to Beijing to explore more opportunities.
China is the place to be now. The whole world is turning their attention there and everything is happening there. That gave me a good reason to move to Beijing,” Tan told 8 Days in an interview.
It turns out that Tan, a photographer and the other half of Chuando & Frey, also aspires to be an actor. In fact, he has already signed with an agency.
“[I signed with a] Hong Kong artiste management agency that also represents Angelababy and [Japanese model] Kiko [Mizuhara].”
Word about Tan’s gorgeous physique has clearly spread around the world — and he knows it.
“A lot of people from all over the world, like South America, have told me on Instagram that they discovered me and are now following me,” he told 8 Days. “And I think it became a trend in India for the Instagram users there to tag me in their photos, even if it had nothing to do with me. I guess they are using my account as a platform [to get exposure for their photos].”
His followers don’t shy away from professing their adoration. They want to see more of the man behind the pictures.
“They’d DM me too, saying ‘I love you,’ ‘What’s your diet and skincare like’ and things like that. That’s the main part of why people are still following me on Instagram — anti-ageing. They want to find out more about me than my photography work, even though I started this Instagram thing for my photography.”
While he has no problem with people reaching out to him online, he’s no stranger to destructive comments. Understandably, he reserves the right to delete such.
“I appreciate anything that’s not bashing. People can post anything they want and tag me. I have been advised to [untag] myself from the posts I don’t like, but I think it’s fine. Whatever makes them happy. But I have the right to delete comments that are racist, sexist or will negatively affect anyone reading it,” Tan said.
Needless to say, some remain unconvinced of his real age.
“They will say things like, ‘Oh, you’re not really 52. You’re just trying to make yourself famous.’ Or they will say I still look good for my age because I’m not married and don’t have kids (laughs). We are all human — who won’t be bothered by such comments?”
It’s unclear when fans can expect Tan in character yet, but we sure can’t be more excited.
Featured Images via Instagram / @chuando_chuandoandfrey
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