Bodybuilder Dad Rocks Tutu to Make Daughter Happy During Ballet Parent Night

Bodybuilder Dad Rocks Tutu to Make Daughter Happy During Ballet Parent NightBodybuilder Dad Rocks Tutu to Make Daughter Happy During Ballet Parent Night
Parents will do anything to make their child happy, but Thanh Tran from Tennessee went the extra mile for his 8-year-old daughter, Adriana Cross. He sported a black, poofy ballerina tutu and danced to music with his daughter beside him.
Students at Adriana’s ballet class were asked to bring one of their parents to join in as part of parent night. Since Adrianna’s realtor mother, Rebecca Tran, was already seven months into her pregnancy, her totally ripped bodybuilder coach father had to take one for the team.
It’s one parent with each kid, Rebecca told TODAY. Right away when they said that, she picked her dad.
Rebecca, who is due to deliver their second child in late January, recalled how her husband did not agree to the idea at first, saying, She just told him he wasn’t getting out of it. Right away she told him about the tutu, and he was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’
He even tried to talk his way out of wearing the tutu by making up excuses like the baby’s supposed to be coming that day.
But of course Thanh, who is close to his daughter and would often play barbie dolls with her, wouldn’t have missed this opportunity to make her laugh.
Upon arriving to class, Thanh did not shy away from donning his amazingly gorgeous ballerina tutu and waltzing into a room full of parents and children.
He had it on when he walked in the door, he wasn’t very discreet about it. Everyone automatically looked at him, and he was trying not to laugh, recalled Rebecca. I think he made a lot of people’s days; he just walked in with it right on.
In the video posted on Facebook by Rebecca, Adriana is very serious as she performs all the dance moves instructed by her teacher. Thanh, on the other hand, is clearly having a hard time with the techniques as he tries to keep his balance.
But Adriana can be seen trying to contain her laughter as she looks back at her dad who is having the time of his life.
That’s definitely her personality; she takes her ballet classes really seriously … she’s trying really hard to do good. It was nice to see her turn around every few moments and start cracking up, her mother said.
Of course, many parents were very touched and praised the Thanh for being such a sweet person.
When the baby comes, he’ll be even more involved with both kids. Already that’s kind of the role that we play. He packs her lunches. He’s often the one that takes her to ballet classes. He’s amazing when it comes to the dad role, Rebecca said.
The couple is now planning to do a daddy-daughter ballet class video next year, but with a twist — dancing with his son strapped to his chest.
“I’ve already got him a few carriers. He’s going to love it, he’s looking forward to it,” Rebecca said.
Featured Images via Facebook / Rebecca Tran
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