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Blackpink’s Lisa apologizes over cultural appropriation accusations in video call with fan

Lisa apologizes

Blackpink member Lisa has been on a roll since her solo debut, but some fans are upset with what they deem as cultural appropriation on the K-pop star’s part. One fan felt it was so important that they took time out of a video call with Lisa to confront her on the issue. 

Not just braids: Lisa has been breaking records with her single “Lalisa,” but many BLINKs, Blackpink’s fanbase, have taken offense to her hairstyle for the cover of her single “Money,” and a fan told her why, according to Sportskeeda

‘Karen, Queen of Congee’ draws backlash over brand ‘improving’ ancient Asian dish for the Western palate


Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to include a statement from Asian Americans Advancing Justice. The organization says it rejects donations from Breakfast Cure.

A breakfast brand that “improves” congee for the Western palate has stirred controversy over the weekend after Twitter users accused it of cultural appropriation.

Scottish Opera Withdraws British Award Nomination for ‘Nixon in China’ After ‘Yellowface’ Criticism

Scottish Opera

Scottish Opera, Scotland’s national opera company, officially withdrew its nomination for a South Bank Sky Arts Award after being criticized for using “yellowface” in its 2020 production of John Adam’s “Nixon in China.”

The criticism: Several advocacy groups and social media users called out Scottish Opera for its portrayal of some of the play’s East Asian characters, South China Morning Post reported.

‘Those Are My Homies’: Gwen Stefani Shuts Appropriation Claims Over ‘Harajuku Girls’ Era

gwen stefani

Gwen Stefani has responded to long-standing accusations of cultural appropriation over her “Harajuku Girls” era, making a point that such “rules” are only “dividing us more and more.”

The claims: Since the former “No Doubt” frontwoman released “Harajuku Girls” as part of her debut solo album in 2004, critics have accused her of appropriating Japanese culture.

Mahjong Set for the ‘Stylish Masses’ Accused of Cultural Appropriation

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated with a statement posted by the Mahjong Line on the company’s Instagram and Facebook on Tuesday. O&H Brand Design, which helped design the tiles, also released a separate statement saying they have since cut ties with The Mahjong Line.

The Mahjong Line, a company created by three women from Dallas, Texas, has stirred online controversy for its products that give Mahjong “a modern makeover as playable works of art.”

Australian Company Accused of Appropriating Laotian and Thai Designs, Blocking People Who Call Them Out

black salt co

Black Salt Co. has been heavily criticized for silencing voices on social media after the Australia-based luxury homeware company was called out for culturally appropriating Laotian and Thai Culture.

Instagram user Jade Martinez (@saibadee_jade), made a post criticizing two specific products that the online store sells: The Malibu Coffee Table and The Gift Treasure Box.

All-Korean Musical About Tupac Shakur Sparks Controversy


Controversy has arisen online after an announcement circulated about “All Eyez On Me”, an upcoming musical featuring the story of the legendary rapper, Tupac Shakur, that will feature an all-Korean cast. 

Written by playwright Sung Jong Wan and composer Kim Min Soo, this biographical musical follows the life of Tupac from his rise to fame to the day of his death. The musical, which will run from April 10 to May 24 at the Uniplex in Seoul’s Daehak-ro district, is named after the late artist’s 1996 studio album, “All Eyes On Me”, according to Allkpop.

Little Mix and PrettyLittleThing Accused of Culturally Appropriating the Traditional Chinese Dress

Social media users are accusing British girl group Little Mix of culturally appropriating a traditional Chinese dress in their first fashion collection launched with U.K. brand PrettyLittleThing.

Prior to the collection’s launch on Thursday, both Little Mix and PrettyLittleThing posted teaser photos in their Instagram pages, one of which showcased members Jesy, Perrie, Jade and Leigh-Anne in pieces the resemble the traditional Chinese cheongsam.