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Lilian Tan Becomes First Asian to Be a 4-Time World Bodybuilding Champion

Lilian Tan

Professional bodybuilder, Lilian Tan, just became the first Asian bodybuilder ever to hold four titles; she won the women’s 55 kilogram (121 pounds) category at the World Bodybuilding and Physical Fitness Championships in Chiangmai, Thailand.

On top of her 55 kilogram category win, Tan, who hails from Penang, Malaysia, also won the gold medal in the 30-year-old and above category at the 10th WBPF Championships on Friday, December 14, according to The Star. The latter is a newly introduced category in the competition.

He Discovered Kickstarter When He Was a Sophomore at UCLA — Now He’s Making a Fortune

Crowdfunding has become major trend in the last couple years with the advent of popular sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. In 2014, crowdfunding brought in a total of $16 billion, according to Forbes.

Steve Elliott Ng, 23, is a recent UCLA college graduate who’s raised over $1.5 million through 10 successful Kickstarter campaigns since his sophomore year in 2012.

Revolutionary Alarm Clock Has The Best Way to Get You Out of Bed in the Morning

Know someone who is guilty of hitting the snooze button every morning when they should be getting on with their life? Well here is the perfect gift that will help anyone get out of bed and start their day off right.

Ruggie is a memory foam-padded rug and alarm clock that requires its owner to physically get out of bed to turn it off. Developed by a team of entrepreneurs based in Vancouver and Hong Kong, Ruggie helps people get out of bed so that they can be more productive and motivated to seize the day.

Meet the 21-Year-Old Woman With No Face ‘Who’s Happy to Be Made This Way’

It is all too easy to be unhappy with the the things we do not have and to take for granted the things we do, but one young woman in India, despite being poor and having a disfigured face, finds happiness in just living.

Khadija Khatoon, 21, was born with neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that causes non-cancerous tumors to grow throughout the body, reports The Sun. The condition has caused her face to have extra body tissue and has left her with no discernable eyes or nose.

Broke College Student Successfully Crowdfunds $10 Chicken McNugget Meal

Crowdfunding has proven to do miraculous things: giving a former homeless man the chance to turn his life around, helping a woman purchase a wheelchair-accessible van for her father, and now, paying for a guy’s 20-piece chicken McNugget meal.

A Jacksonville State University student, Michael Panik, created a GoFundMe campaign for a McDonald’s McNugget meal on September 14. The Alabama student successfully raised $10, enough to feed himself at the fast food chain a few hours after it launched.

Now Anyone Can Be a Venture Capitalist Without Having to Be Rich, SEC Ruling Says

The Securities and Exchange Commission voted on Wednesday for a resolution that will allow startups to raise funding over the internet from almost every American who wants to invest.

This is the first major step towards equity crowdfunding, which is exactly what it sounds like — crowds of people put up money in exchange for securities in a company that isn’t publicly traded. What could possibly go wrong?