The World’s Smallest 360-Degree Camera for Android Phones Costs Only $150

The World’s Smallest 360-Degree Camera for Android Phones Costs Only $150
Khier Casino
December 6, 2016
LyfieEye is a unique camera that can take spherical 360-degree photos and videos using Android smartphones.
By tapping your smartphone’s existing capabilities like display, battery and external connectivity we’ve eliminated redundant features (and unnecessary cost) for our users,” founders of LyfieEye explained on its Kickstarter fundraising page.
Weighing in at 18 grams (0.63 ounces) — the size of a ping pong ball, AsiaOne notes — LyfieEye is one of the smaller and lightest 360-degree cameras available in the market.
The direct plug in between your Android device allows LyfieEye to use battery power straight from the phone.
Apple tends to allow third-party devices to supplement power, and not drain it,” said Sherwayn Tan, vice president of eCapture Technologies, the makers of the LyfieEye.
While the device doesn’t consume too much of your phone’s power, being exclusive only to Android OS 5.0 or higher may alienate those who use iOS.
LyfieEye features a dual lens design that captures two 180-degree videos and combines them in real-time.
Recording videos at up to 30 frames per second, the camera supports Gyro and Cardboard mode for viewing virtual reality on Facebook 360, YouTube 360, Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, and the HTC VIVE, among others.
It also includes support for USB 2.0 and 3.0, and Type-C interfaces, with built-in automatic video stitching.
There is support for multiple video length durations, but it may affect playback performance and available memory.
LyfieEye comes fully equipped with a 7-inch adjustable cable, called the LyfieLink, which allows for extended reach or hands free video recording by placing the device on a stable platform.
LyfieEye has surpassed its Kickstarter goal of $25,000, raising more than $53,000 since the campaign ended in November.
With offices based in Santa Clara, California, and Singapore, the eCapture Technologies startup company has gained notable backers, including actor Nat Ho, who has taken a 360-degree video using a LyfieEye and posted the content on his Facebook page.
LyfieEye comes in three colors — polished black, glossy black, and rose gold — for a price tag of $149, but is currently sold out.
Don’t fret. The device will be available on Amazon starting April 2017.
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