This New Knife Will Change the Way You Spread Butter Forever

This New Knife Will Change the Way You Spread Butter Forever
Max Chang
August 26, 2014
Perhaps the greatest thing about innovation is that anything can be changed or added upon, no matter how insanely simple it is.
That may be the thought behind a new and wildly popular Kickstarter campaign called “The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp” by self-described Australian butter enthusiasts DM Initiatives which is innovating the the way we spread butter with a new knife that simply makes it more spreadable.
bread gif
It’s a widely known fact that butter is easier spread, no matter how hard, when it is grated or shredded. Many contraptions that solve this problem are either bulky, expensive, or both. The ButterUp is the simplest answer to not destroying your bread by spreading cold butter on it, and at the price of a $12 AUD pledge ($11.18 US), it may be the cheapest too.
With only seven days to go on their campaign, the ButterUp has raised $265,330 AUD from their initial of $38,000 goal.
From potato salad, non-jingly key chains, to a stain resistant t-shirt, these ideas just prove that the simplest of products are often the most successful. What’s your next simple idea?
Images via Kickstarter
Source: Business Insider
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