Japanese Retro Kimono Brand Becomes Viral Crowdfunding Hit

Japanese Retro Kimono Brand Becomes Viral Crowdfunding HitJapanese Retro Kimono Brand Becomes Viral Crowdfunding Hit
Fancy some ready-to-wear retro kimono at home? A Japanese fashion brand’s new line of cozy kimono-style outfits has become a massive hit, reaching over four times its goal at a local crowdfunding site in Japan.
Featuring four beautiful new “loose hakama” roomwear, the latest collection from Mocolle retains the sensuality the brand is known for.
According to SoraNews24, the brand’s name combines the Japanese term mousou (meaning  “fantasy” or “delusion”) and the word “collection”. Mocolle made a name for its hugely popular and sexy bunny lingerie, and Shinto shrine maiden line of swimsuits.
However, its latest offering called the Yuru Hakama, takes cue from the brand’s less revealing collections such as the particularly modest Lolita maternity wear.
The loose-fitting outfits are based on illustrations from artist Shun Aragi, which combines the aesthetics of a retro kimono and puffy hakama pants.
Each roomwear from the all-cotton Yuru Hakama collection has a distinct look and personality as portrayed by its designated anime-style character all portrayed by cosplayer Kuroneko. 
Mocolle launched Yuru Hakama as a crowdfunding campaign on funding website Campfire with an initial goal of one million yen ($9,000) but has so far raised over 4.3 million yen ($38,500). The Yuru Hakama collection is currently available for purchase through Campfire, with prices starting at 8,640 yen ($77).
Images via Campfire
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