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Wuxia comic studio launches Kickstarter for sequel to wildly successful series debut

The Adept 2 Kickstarter Immortal Studios

After a best-selling Kickstarter launch in 2020, Immortal, the world’s first studio dedicated to creating an epic interconnected Wuxia storyverse, is back to continue the wildly popular Wuxia series “The Adept” with its second issue.

“The Adept” is the brainchild of writers Tasha Huo (Netflix’s “Tomb Raider”)  and Charlie Stickney (“White Ash” and “Glarien”) with illustrations by Yishan Li (Dark Horse’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”). The first issue’s Kickstarter became one of the platform’s best-selling first issues, crowdfunding $35,165 of a $10,000 goal with over 1,200 eager backers.

Hong Kong Artist Illustrates Relationship With ‘IT Guy’ BF in Beloved Comic Series

asian artist

An artist in Hong Kong has immortalized precious moments with her boyfriend in a comic series receiving acclaim online.

Bonnie Pang, who started creating comics at age 6, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Resource Management from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). She then obtained a master’s degree in illustration from the Academy of Art University (AAU) before becoming a full-time illustrator in 2016.

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’s’ Chris Pratt Praises Korean Artist for Epic Drawing

South Korean illustrator Wooh Nayoung, who goes by the name Obsidian, likes drawing famous characters using her unique comic-like style. So, when her recent drawing of “Guardians of the Galaxy” actor Chris Pratt went viral, the Hollywood star immediately noticed.

According to Koreaboo, Pratt praised Obsidian for her artwork that paid tribute to the Marvel film. The artist posted her work on Twitter where she drew the actor wearing a traditional hanbok. The amazing illustration also featured Baby Groot and Rocket Raccoon.

Why The Latest X-Men Comic is Causing an Uproar in Indonesia’s Muslim Community

A new Marvel comic book series has sparked a heated political discussion on Indonesia’s social media after an artist inserted several hidden references in the comic’s maiden issue.

Indonesian Muslim Ardian Syaf, a freelance contributing artist, was recently fired from his job after his recent work on Marvel’s latest X-Men Gold ignited a backlash among Indonesian netizens, Bleeding Cool reports.

Chinese Artist Perfectly Captures the Struggles of Being in a Long-Distance Relationship

Any long-distance couple knows the struggle of being far away from the one they love. Many relationships can’t last under the circumstances, but for those who are truly in love, it’s worth every second.

Chinese-born artist Viola Wang brilliantly captures the pains and joys of being in a long distance relationship by illustrating her own. She wrote in a post on Bored Panda:

20 Comics Brilliantly Sum Up What It’s Like to Be a Woman

Agustina Guerrero, 32, is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Argentina who created a series of humorous comics that depict the everyday life of a woman. Her hilarious illustrations touch upon subjects including the ways women deal with conflicts in relationships to their stream of consciousness when donating clothes to charity. The comics are incredibly funny and honest in capturing the relatable daily trials and triumphs in being a woman.

Born in an Argentinian town, Chacabuco, Guerrero writes on her website that she works for anyone in the world who knows her art. Her artwork, originally written in Spanish, was translated to English by Boredpanda.

These Comics Brilliantly Capture What It’s Like to Live With Depression and Anxiety

Nick Seluk, a comic artist at The Awkward Yeti,  faithfully captured the experience of a person suffering from depression and anxiety disorders in a comic strip. His idea for the illustration came from a reader, Sarah Flanigan, who shared her story about battling with anxiety and depression. Comic artist Seluk told Upworthy:

“I’ve been through and seen depression and anxiety in action, and thought Sarah’s story was so perfectly simple. We all get sick physically and mentally, but we need to be open to talking (and laughing) about [it].”