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An Air India flight attendant is winning hearts for how he handled a crying baby mid-flight

  • Air India flight attendant Neil Malkam earned online praise for consoling a crying toddler mid-flight.
  • The child’s father, Jeevan Venkatesh, uploaded a video on Instagram that shows Malkam carrying the young girl down the aisle of the plane. 
  • “Really appreciate the sweet gesture of a staff, It was a surprise when my daughter felt comfort lying in the stewards shoulder, thanks to him,” the appreciative father wrote. “Lots of changes in this trip after Tatas takeover.”
  • Instagram users  lauded the employee for his kindness, while others pointed out that he still helped out even though he was not obligated to.
  • Venkatesh’s video has already garnered over 3.1 million views and 228,300 likes.

An Air India flight attendant is winning hearts online for consoling a crying toddler mid-flight.

Uploaded by the child’s father, Jeevan Venkatesh, on Aug. 7, the now-viral Instagram video shows flight attendant Neil Malkam going beyond his duties to ensure everyone has a peaceful flight. 

Elephant at Chinese zoo filmed returning shoe to child

elephant returns shoe
  • A video has gone viral of an elephant returning a child’s shoe after it fell into its enclosure at a zoo located in eastern China.
  • In the video, the elephant grabs the shoe with its trunk and reaches up to the child, handing him back the shoe.
  • The video has garnered over 2.5 million views and 14,000 likes since being uploaded on Wednesday.

An adorable elephant in Shandong province of eastern China was caught on video returning a little boy’s shoe after it fell into his enclosure at a zoo.

The video, uploaded to Twitter on Wednesday by Now This, shows the elephant grabbing the tiny shoe with its trunk and carefully reaching up to the boy as the child grabs his shoe back. 

Father in China abandons 5-year-old son at kindergarten following negative paternity test

  • A 5-year-old boy in China was abandoned at kindergarten after his father discovered that he was not his biological son through a paternity test.
  • The father and his relatives declined to pick up the boy after staff members called.
  • A teacher stopped by the boy’s house and discovered that it was empty.
  • The boy’s mother is expected to pick him up sometime this week.

After discovering that his son was not his biological child, a father in China abandoned the 5-year-old boy at his kindergarten. 

The boy, identified by the pseudonym Xiao Rui, was dropped off at school by his father last week in Guangxi province of southern China, reported Jiangxi Morning Daily per South China Morning Post.

Think you have a difficult name? Indonesian boy’s name is made up of 19 words

19 names for kid

A couple from East Java, Indonesia, was unable to obtain the birth certificate of their 3-year-old son after authorities said they could not print his name on the document because it was too long.

What’s in a name: The child’s name, which contains 19 words, or 115 letters, is significant to the history of the Islamic civilization, his father, Arif Akbar, explained, according to World of Buzz.

Blonde Girls Told Her Daughter She Can’t Play With Them Because She’s Not Blonde — The White Parents Didn’t Stop It


For people of color, first experiences with bigotry and racism often come when we are far too young to comprehend what is happening, often from other children whose parents failed to talk to them about race. For many parents of color, this can present uncomfortable and heartbreaking situations where they are forced to watch their own children suffer from exclusion and discrimination.

Award-winning author, writer and educator, Mathangi Subramanian took to Twitter to detail a troubling moment she witnessed on the playground with her young daughter, stressing the importance for white parents to teach their children about race and acceptance.