Chinese Dad Throws Newborn Daughter Off a Cliff Because He Wanted a Son

Chinese Dad Throws Newborn Daughter Off a Cliff Because He Wanted a Son
Ryan General
November 1, 2018
A newborn daughter miraculously survived a high fall after being thrown from a cliff by her own father.
Identified only by his surname Li, the father from Guangdong made the despicable attempt to k‌il‌l‌ his own child because he reportedly wanted a son instead.
According to local media, a health center in Magui township reported to the p‌ol‌ic‌e that one of the newborns under its care had vanished in the morning of Oct. 26.
The infant’s father, who was noticed to be acting suspiciously, revealed what actually happened after he was questioned by of‌f‌ice‌rs.
He reportedly told investigators that he had stuffed his daughter into a bag and snuck her out of the hospital at around 1 a.m.
Li admitted that he brought her outside of town and threw her at a remote cliff, Shanghaiist reports. The au‌tho‌rit‌ies then instructed Li to bring them to the area where he tossed the infant.
At around 11 a.m., the of‌fice‌‌rs, along with local volunteers, began searching for the child in the steep cliff and the wilderness below it.
Two hours in on their search, the r‌esc‌u‌e‌rs suddenly heard a faint cry which eventually led them to the child behind the thick brush.
The baby, which apparently survived the fall by landing in some soft vegetation, was found about a hundred feet down from the cliff’s edge.
The blanket she was wrapped in and the snakeskin bag she was stuffed into also helped her make it through the cold night.
Li, who has since been ar‌r‌est‌‌ed by police, explained that he was hoping to raise another son since he already had two daughters and one son.
The baby girl is reportedly now safe under the mother’s care.
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