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Japanese mother, 2 roommates accused of confining her 5-year-old son in cat cage before his death

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Warning: This article contains graphic descriptions of violence and child abuse some readers may find disturbing.

Police in Japan have issued new arrest warrants on suspicion of assault and confinement of a 5-year-old boy for three people who were previously arrested after his body was found under their house in Saitama Prefecture in March.

Taiwanese father accused of abusing his 1-month-old son because he resembled his grandfather

  • A Taiwanese father from the Xinying district in Tainan City reportedly abused his 1-month-old baby for looking like his grandfather. 
  • The baby suffers from a large bruise on his chest and an overly high liver index, suggesting that he may have been poisoned. 
  • The father was arrested and sent to Tainan District Prosecutors Office for “domestic violence and child abuse,” where he was ruled to be remanded. 
  • The case is under investigation by local forces. It has been reported to social welfare administration organizations. 

A Taiwanese father from the Xinying district in Tainan City abused his 1-month-old baby for looking like his grandfather, according to authorities.

The unidentified man in his 30s allegedly beat his son in the abdomen with his fists and a towel every time the infant would cry, reported The Standard.  

Queens man with history of violence charged for attacking 2-year-old sitting in a stroller

  • A Queens man has been charged for randomly attacking a 2-year-old in her stroller, leaving her face covered in cuts and bruises.
  • Christopher Elder, 31, walked up to the toddler’s grandmother and began shouting at her shortly before grabbing Sophia’s stroller and kicking it into the street.
  • According to authorities, the toddler fell to the ground and later required five stitches.
  • The incident marks the second time that Elder has attacked a child within four months and has led to his eighth arrest.
  • Elder was sent to jail on Saturday without bail and is due in court on March 28 on charges of assault, endangering the welfare of a child and harassment.

A man was charged on Saturday for flipping a toddler’s stroller into the street in East Flushing, New York, leaving the 2-year-old with cuts and bruises to her face.

The unprovoked attack occurred on Friday around 6:20 a.m. after Christopher Elder, 31, began shouting at the child’s grandmother, Maria Zamora, while she was taking out the trash in east Flushing. According to a criminal complaint, Elder then allegedly grabbed the stroller that Sophia was sitting in and began to shake it, kicking it into the street shortly after. 

Pedophile who ‘wrote the Bible on child abuse’ deemed to be at low risk of reoffending by Australian judge

Adelaide pedophile sentenced to 8 years

On Friday, an Australian court sentenced Geoffrey William Moyle, who sexually assaulted multiple children while filming the acts, to eight years and nine months in prison.

Going to prison: Moyle, 48, from Adelaide, Australia, pleaded guilty to sexually abusing Cambodian children aged 10 to 12 while allegedly working as a foreign aid worker for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, according to ABC Australia. The DFAT refuted the claim in January 2020.

Father in Japan Arrested for Using Dog Shock Collar to Discipline His Children

shock collar

A father from Kitakyushu city, Japan was recently arrested after it was discovered he was using a shock collar for dogs to discipline his three children.

The 45-year-old man, whose name was not revealed, admitted to the police that he had used a stun device on his children, two daughters aged 11 and 13, and a 11-year-old son, when they disobeyed his rules, a police official told Reuters via Japan Today.

Chinese Mom Beats, Abandons Son on the Street for Not Getting 95% on Exam

A 12-year-old child from Luoyang in Henan China was left stranded in the street after being beaten by his mother for failing to get 95% on an exam.

The incident happened on February 22, when passers-by saw the mother beating the child on a Luoyang street. Concerned citizens immediately contacted the police when the woman left the boy on his own, the Daily Mail reported.

EXCLUSIVE: Lil Tay’s Father Ac‌cu‌sed of Inapp‌ropr‌iate Nu‌dity‌, Ab‌u‌se and Child Neglect in Court Documents

Infamous child star Lil Tay is back in the spotlight after recent all‌egat‌ion‌s of child ab‌us‌e against her father surfaced.

NextShark exclusively obtained the official statements that reveal details of this alleged a‌bu‌se which involves inapp‌ro‌pri‌ate n‌ud‌ity, locking the child in a dark closet, forcing Lil Tay to watch grue‌som‌e horr‌or‌ movies and n‌eglect‌ing to feed her. We have confirmed that the email we received, along with the official court orders, affidavits, and other documents regarding the detailed accounts of this a‌bu‌s‌e have come directly from Lil Tay’s family and official management team.