Families of Teen, Married Man Staged Intervention Before They Escaped to Mexico

Families of Teen, Married Man Staged Intervention Before They Escaped to Mexico

March 20, 2018
Stacey Esterly, the wife of Kevin Esterly, the
Esterly was arrested by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), the U.S. Marshals Service, and a Mexican law enforcement agency on Saturday at Playa del Carmen in Mexico, according to Morning Call. He was jailed in Miami while the teenager was returned safely to Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.
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I’m assuming he’s trying to get a hold of her for some type of legal representation in the process of being extradited,” attorney John Waldron, who is representing Stacey, said in a statement. “With what she has been put through, she is not accepting his calls.”
Esterly is waiting for extradition to Pennsylvania, as said in the report; however, it was not mentioned how long he will stay in Miami or how the long the process would take.
The wife, through her attorney, said that they’ve known Amy for eight years now, but their relationship only became apparent during the last eight months.
Before running away, it was revealed that Amy listed Kevin as her stepfather in school. This information was then used by the man to check out the teen from class.
Kevin indicated that he was attempting to be her dad, a father figure to Amy,” Waldron said. “Stacey did not believe it to be merely a father-daughter relationship and that’s why there were fights. They were fighting every day over Amy.”
“And they would fight almost every day about that. Because Kevin was not taking care of Stacey as a wife, and taking care of his four daughters. He was spending more time with Amy and it was apparent, so they were arguing and fighting. ‘How come dad isn’t around?’ the girls would say,” the attorney continued, WFMZ reported.
After noticing how her husband treated Amy differently, Stacey eventually confronted the teenager about it.
And Stacey would say to Amy, ‘Do you see what is happening with me? and the way he treats me in front of you and the girls?’ But it didn’t seem to have any impact,” Waldron said.
Amy’s mother, Mui Luu, discovered text messages exchanged by both of them in her daughter’s phone. This led Mui and Stacey to stage an intervention where Amy and Kevin were told to stay away from each other.
Unfortunately, the impact their intervention had didn’t last long; things eventually escalated that led to the two of them running away to Mexico.
Amy was not the only victim in this case, said Stacey. She also worries about their four children with age ranging from two to 14.
It’s difficult for her, and then the embarrassment as her daughters get older to understand this happened — it was in the newspaper, it was national, and international — they’re going to need some counseling too, probably.”
Stacey is concerned about Amy and wants her to return to her mother.
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