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Saying ‘Boba’ is Better Than Saying ‘Bubble Tea’. Fight Me

The great Taiwanese blend of tea, milk and an optional bunch of tapioca pearls from the 80’s has enjoyed an increasing presence in the United States in recent years. Still, many Americans — even those of Asian descent — could not quite agree on what to call it, as well as when to use whatever name they have for it.

For starters, the division lies between drinkers in the East and West Coasts, which, for the most part, have referred to the beverage as “bubble tea” and “boba tea,” respectively. Then, it becomes a question of technical usage.

What is Boba? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

what is boba

Talk to someone in Southern California, and they call it boba. In the midwest, it’s sometimes called tapioca. In New York, they’ll say bubble tea. But what exactly is it and where can we get some?

The word “boba” refers to the thick, black chewy toppings that one would find on the bottom of their ice cold fruity or milky drink. The bits are made with sugar and tapioca flour and was traditionally served as part of a sweet dessert in Taiwan.

Health Experts Warn That Boba Tea is Horrible For Your Body

Boba milk tea (Bubble tea), the drink that has grown increasingly popular in the United States and many parts of the world, may not be as safe as previously thought.

Different versions may include a variety of added ingredients, however, the main components are mostly kept: milk, tea, tapioca pearls and a very large dose of added sugar. And while the tapioca pearls in the drink contain vitamins, minerals such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium that are all good for the body, the sugar content alone should make boba drinkers reconsider keeping the beverage in their diet, health experts warned.