California Boba Tea Shop Rocks the World With Chinese Cough Medicine Bubble Tea

California Boba Tea Shop Rocks the World With Chinese Cough Medicine Bubble Tea
Ryan General
December 17, 2018
A new bubble tea concoction from a shop in San Gabriel, California is set to tap into its Asian customers’ nostalgia while also providing relief for sore throats, coughs, hoarseness and aphonia.
Blended with popular Chinese herbal syrup “Pei Pa Koa,” the new drink from Labobatory is bound to bring back childhood memories.
Image via Facebook / Labobatory
Known for its distinct minty taste, the cough syrup traces its origins from a formula created in the Qing Dynasty. The syrup has been manufactured since the 1940s and sold worldwide by Nin Jiom Medicine Manufactory.
It has been the go-to remedy for a variety of cough-related ailments for generations of Asians in many parts of the world.
Image via Facebook / Labobatory
Labobatory aims for their cough syrup-infused beverage to remind drinkers of that time when their Asian mothers took care of them when they were sick.
According to the bubble tea shop, the new drink will be available throughout the holiday season along with four other holiday-inspired flavors as part of their holiday menu.
Image via Facebook / Labobatory
The other beverages introduced for its holiday menu are Chocolate Peppermint Milk Tea, White Chocolate Strawberry Milk Tea and Spiced Chocolate.
Image via Facebook / Labobatory
“We strive to create unique concoctions that blend premium traditional ingredients and modern twist on ingredients new and old,” the company’s Facebook page noted.
Image via Facebook / Labobatory
In its bid to “raise the boba bar,” the inventive folks behind Labobatory has been making unique boba tea creations since 2011, introducing offerings such as Alcoholic Boba, Yakult-infused yogurt boba, among others.
Featured Images via Facebook / Labobatory
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