Timstar Says Boba Tea is the Key to Having a Girlfriend in Facebook Post

Timstar Says Boba Tea is the Key to Having a Girlfriend in Facebook Post
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
January 28, 2019
Timstar, the man who declared his
In case you haven’t heard yet, the comedian shook Facebook in September when he announced that he already found the love of his life, a woman named Sijia Wang.
Since then, Timstar has posted photos and videos of them together, convincing viewers that his “chest” and “six pack” actually got him somewhere.
But in a post update, the comedian revealed that his girlfriend couldn’t care less about his chest and six pack — instead, she loves him for his love of boba tea.
Image via Facebook / Timstar
“I found my girlfriend not just because of my series of girlfriend videos,” Timstar, who goes by Timmy Sun, wrote on a Facebook group called “Subtle Asian Dating.”
“The reason we can be together for this long … It’s because she also likes bubble tea with pearls, half sugar and less ice like I do.”
Image via Facebook / Timmy Sun
Timstar also likened Wang’s appearance to boba tea, whatever it meant.
“She even looks like boba tea and is the boba tea that I like.”
Image via Facebook / Timstar
He then pointed out that his chest and six pack do not actually matter.
“She didn’t care about my chest and six pack … She even changed my pick-up line to: No Boba Tea, No Sex.”
Image via Facebook / Timmy Sun
Naturally, Timstar’s post raked thousands of reactions and comments, with many tagging their friends in hopes of inspiring them.
If there’s anything we can take from Timstar and Wang, it’s that boba tea surely helps people’s hearts grow fonder of each other.
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