Strawless Boba Cup Will Change How You Drink Boba Forever

Strawless Boba Cup Will Change How You Drink Boba ForeverStrawless Boba Cup Will Change How You Drink Boba Forever
An innovative cup specifically designed to hold bubble milk tea while eliminating the need for straw has caught the attention of eco-conscious bobaddicts.
The cup, ingeniously called Float, is the brainchild of Taiwanese industrial designers Mickey Wu and Fang Shih, who developed it in line with the island’s evolving tea culture.
When full, Float creates the illusion of floating tapioca pearls — contrary to traditional milk tea cups, where they settle at the bottom — through its BPA-free Tritan inner cup.
Float has two openings: one for having the drink with boba (or practically any other add-on) and another without.
According to the designers, placing ice cubes in the middle of the cup will make the drink’s temperature and concentration more balanced.
“Let ingredients flow to the mouth with the tea cooled by ice at the same time in every sip of drink,” they said.
In addition to eliminating the need for straws, Float goes further in saving the environment as it is made with recycled glass from Spring Pool Glass.
“We use recycled glass to create a bubble tea cup without straw, making the bubble tea container no longer difficult to wash, making environmental protection a daily lifestyle.”
With eco-friendly benefits and easy maintenance, Float looks to be the boba cup of the future. Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to purchase one as of this writing.
Boba drinkers commented:
Images via Behance / Float
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