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Strangers gather one by one to help clean 2,000 bottles of beer spilled on S Korean road in viral video

  • After a truck driver in South Korea accidentally spilled 2,000 bottles of Cass beer on the road, strangers began approaching the scene to help clean up the mess.
  • A viral video of the CCTV footage uploaded on Twitter shows the driver cleaning up the mess alone until more people begin to gather, helping to sweep and clean.
  • The video praises the strangers for having kind hearts, and the South Korean beer company is now searching for the good Samaritans to extend their gratitude.
  • The video has garnered over 2.5 million views and 7,940 likes since being uploaded on Thursday.

Heartwarming CCTV footage shows strangers gathering to help a truck driver who accidentally spilled 2,000 bottles of Cass beer onto a road in South Korea.

In the viral video uploaded to Twitter on Thursday, several beer crates fall out of a truck and spill 2,000 Cass beer bottles across the road. The driver appears distressed as he walks towards the mess and begins to clean. A timelapse of the footage shows several strangers approaching the scene as they help the driver clean up the mess by sweeping and picking up the glass shards.

Singapore is selling beer made from recycled sewage water to help alleviate water scarcity crisis

  • Singapore’s Water Agency released a new beer that is primarily made from recycled sewage water.
  • The beer, called NewBrew, was created to raise awareness of the increasing water scarcity issue in Singapore.
  • Listed in the ingredients is NEWater, the liquid derived from filtered sewage water which is heavily tested and monitored to be approved for consumption.

Singapore’s National Water Agency launched a new beer that uses filtered liquid from sewage water to raise awareness of the country’s rising water scarcity issue.

Claimed to be one of Singapore’s greenest beers, the alcoholic beverage label, called NewBrew, uses recycled sewage water that is pumped and filtered from the country’s water supply. Due to Singapore’s water scarcity problem, NewBrew turned to sewage water as a way to address the rising threat of water shortages due to climate change and preserve the valuable supply of safe drinking water.

Filipino Researcher Combines Durian and Beer to Make Probiotic Drink


A food technologist from the Philippines has combined durian and alcohol to create a probiotic concoction that’s easily healthier than your usual beer.

Kriza Faye Calumba, who hails from Davao province — home to many of the country’s durian products — says that the probiotic alcohol is the product of her thesis at Louisiana State University, where she obtained her master’s degree on a Fulbright scholarship.

American Company Slammed for Naming Beer After One of the Most Horrific Nuclear Tests in History

bikini atoll

An American beer company has earned criticism for naming a beverage after the location of a series of nuclear tests and human experiments that negatively affected the lives of many inhabitants of the Marshall Islands with claims they are “creating awareness” on the subject.

The Bikini Atoll beer by the Texas-based Manhattan Project Beer Company was named after the massive coral reef in the Marshall Islands, which are located in the central Pacific Ocean​. From 1946 to 1958, the United States conducted 67 nuclear tests in the Marshall Islands, displacing inhabitants and leaving many exposed to the resulting high levels of radiation years later. 

Vietnamese Man Pu‌m‌ped With 15 ‌Cans of B‌eer to Save His L‌i‌fe From A‌lcohol ‌Po‌‌i‌so‌‌ning

A man from Vietnam who was ‌d‌‌y‌‌‌i‌n‌g‌ from alcohol p‌oiso‌n‌ing was reportedly saved by doctors after p‌um‌ping 15 cans of ‌be‌er into his stomach.

The man, identified as 48-year-old Nguyen Van Nhat, was rushed to a h‌o‌‌‌s‌p‌i‌t‌a‌l in the central Vietnamese province of Quang Tri after he was found uncons‌cious on December 25, according to Newsweek. M‌ed‌ical staff at the General Ho‌s‌pi‌tal’s Int‌en‌sive C‌are Unit, led by Dr. Le Van Lam, immediately pu‌m ped three cans of beer into him to slow the liver’s processing of me‌thanol, a dan‌gero‌us type of al‌coh‌ol, to give doctors time to sa‌ve his lif‌e.

Study: The Average Korean Drinks at Least 366 Cans of Beer Each Year

A new study found that Koreans consume 9 liters of alcohol a year per person, which is equivalent to 121 bottles of soju or 366 500 milliliter cans of beer. 

The data was from the study conducted by researchers at St. Mary’s Hospital in Uijeongbu and Inje University, where they found that people over the age of 15 have been consuming 9.14 liters of alcohol as of 2015, according to The Chosunilbo.

Science Confirms Drinking Alcohol Makes it Easier to Speak a Foreign Language

drinking study

Alcohol – in moderation – really does help you become more fluent when speaking a foreign language according to British and Dutch researchers who conducted the experiment.

Alcohol can be quite beneficial to someone who aims to be fluent in a certain language, whether it’s Mandarin, Japanese, Dutch, German or French. A pint of beer or even a glass of wine can lower your inhibitions that, in turn, can help you overcome obstacles like nervousness when speaking to people or hesitation, Time reported.

Japan Can Refill Your Beer Faster Than You Can Drink It

A video showing beer-vending girls at a baseball stadium in Japan has many netizens impressed with their refill crew’s amazing skills.  

To keep the intensity high as all the baseball action unfolds, customers at Tokyo’s Meiji Jingu Stadium are given their refill of ice cold draft beer with very little distraction so fans don’t have to leave their seats. A team of dedicated beer vendors makes such convenience possible, according to Soranews24.