Someone Made a Beer For Dogs So You Can Now Drink With Your Best Friend

Drinking beer with your buddies is a human bonding activity, but who’s to say that it can’t be done with man’s best friend too?
A U.K. based company called Woof and Brew recently released a beer just for dogs. Canines can safely consume the beverage since it doesn’t contain alcohol, hops or carbonation that can harm their digestive tract.
According to The Atlantic, veterinarians often advise owners to not give their dogs beer since canine livers can’t metabolize the alcohol the same way human livers can. In addition, other ingredients including hops can cause violent reactions in some dogs.
Simply put it, don’t give your dogs alcoholic beverages no matter how much they beg you for it. Resist their puppy eye look!
Woof and Beer’s brew now makes the experience possible and safe for man’s best friend. In order to mimic the drinking experience for dogs, the brewers included typical ingredients found in human beer. The dog formula involves barley malt, dandelion, flax, and “chicken flavoring.”
Steve Bennett, managing director of Woof and Brew, said their mission is to make their beer a part of tradition. This drink makes it possible “so that human can share a beer of their own and a beer for their dog as well.”
The company has been specializing in dog drinks since 2013. They are known for their herbal teas and tonics for dogs. Among their products is an “anxiety blend” that consists of lavender and rose petal. The ingredients are known to cause a calming effect in dogs that would be helpful in certain situations such as fireworks or travel.
This is their first attempt at brewing dog beer. Bennett notices a health trend among humans and their pets. He said:
“There’s a huge move to more healthy products for dogs – in tandem with the human move to more healthy products. I think all of this is linked to the humanization of our pets, and ensuring that what we feed them is healthy, not just something we’ve designed for ourselves and hope is healthy for dogs.”
The company is looking towards global distribution of their products and creating new partnerships for their dog drinks.
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