Japan Can Refill Your Beer Faster Than You Can Drink It

Japan Can Refill Your Beer Faster Than You Can Drink ItJapan Can Refill Your Beer Faster Than You Can Drink It
A video showing beer-vending girls at a baseball stadium in Japan has many netizens impressed with their refill crew’s amazing skills.  
To keep the intensity high as all the baseball action unfolds, customers at Tokyo’s Meiji Jingu Stadium are given their refill of ice cold draft beer with very little distraction so fans don’t have to leave their seats. A team of dedicated beer vendors makes such convenience possible, according to Soranews24.
In a clip posted on Twitter by the stadium’s official Twitter account, these Japanese beer vendors are shown carrying their keg backpacks as they roam the stands, providing the refreshments to anyone who summons them.
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As there are thousands of fans watching in the stadium, the vendors make several trips to the staging area where they get resupplied with the highly sought-after beverage by an extremely efficient team.
To get the beer stock replenished, the girls back themselves up to a counter, and then a member of the refilling team detaches the empty keg from her harness and replaces it with a fresh one. Another crew member then places new cups into the girls’ get up and brings her a cup of water for her to drink from as well.
With the speed and precision of laser-focused F-1 pit crew workers, these unnamed heroes restock the beer vendors in no time.
Taking less than 30 seconds, the speedy process is necessary due to the massive demand, as a single vendor can need as many as 15 refills during a full nine inning game on a busy night.
Located in close proximity to the Harajuku fashion district, Meiji Jingu Stadium is the home of the Tokyo Yakult Swallows professional baseball team.
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