Chinese boy, 7, brings beer to school, gets classmates drunk

Chinese boy, 7, brings beer to school, gets classmates drunkChinese boy, 7, brings beer to school, gets classmates drunk
via Weibo
Carl Samson
September 21, 2023
A first-grader in China’s Fujian province turned most of his classroom silent after bringing bottles of beer and sharing them with his classmates, according to reports.
What happened: The boy, 7, took two bottles of fruit-flavored beer from his home’s fridge and snuck them to school. He managed to open one and shared it with his classmates, who then fell asleep from the intoxication.
The aftermath: The booze party was quickly discovered after the students’ teacher arrived and noticed that many of them had fallen asleep on their desks. Terrified, she asked those who remained up about what happened and quickly got to the bottom of the mystery.
With some students still sleeping, the teacher immediately contacted the boy’s mother, who then realized that her fridge had lost beer bottles. The mother has since apologized to the other students’ parents for her son’s actions.
The rest of the class eventually woke up, with all students reporting that they were fine. For causing trouble, the boy was made to face the wall and received a beating with a hanger — until it broke — from his mother. 
Reactions: While the boy took the beating, it is unclear whether he was even aware what alcohol is, what it does to the body or that it is only for adults. The story has drawn both amusement and concerns on Chinese social media, with some expressing relief that it was “only beer” and others warning fellow parents to pay more attention to their children.
“First of all, it’s wrong to bring alcohol, and secondly, it’s really awesome to drink with a group of people,” one Douyin user wrote.
“This kid gets along with others well, and when he grows up, he will be popular and have many good friends,” another predicted.
Meanwhile, one Weibo user demanded, “Children drinking alcohol can cause irreversible damage to the brain and reduce IQ. Other parents should sue for compensation!”
“Children can mimic [adults] really well. Eighty percent of parents drink beer at home, kids also want to feel it,” another claimed.
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