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Video of TikToker gagging in Asian grocery store, saying it has a ‘pet store’ draws backlash

  • A TikTok user is under fire after posting a now- deleted video of an Asian grocery store where he is seen gagging and stating that there is a “pet store” inside.
  • While smelling different food products, the user pretended to gag and referred to the live crab tank as a place “where you can grab whatever animals you want.”
  • The video used hashtags such as #shocking, #ew and #gross.
  • After the backlash, the TikTok user posted a six-minute apology video stating that he “will do better” and “truly regret[s] what was released.”

A TikTok user who filmed himself inside an Asian grocery store is facing backlash after pretending to gag at different food products and referring to a live crab tank as a “pet store.”

The TikTok user, @modelvsfood, begins the now-deleted video by telling viewers that they will be “shocked” if they have “never been in an Asian grocery store.” The beginning of the video includes a superimposed caption that reads, “This food should be illegal” as he smells a durian while making a gagging face. He then holds up a bag containing chicken, describing it as “a very questionable looking chicken with its feet still on.”

Korean rapper Giant Pink issues apology after her dog attacks and kills another dog at a park

  • Korean rapper Giant Pink has come forward with an apology after a dog she co-owns with her sister killed a netizen’s dog at a park near Han River.
  • The netizen claims her dog went to greet Giant Pink’s two dogs and as it was returning back to their table, Giant Pink’s black dog attacked and killed her dog, Kkomi.
  • Giant Pink’s sister met the netizen two days later, but the netizen claims Giant Pink’s sister was not very caring of the situation. Giant Pink’s husband reached out to the netizen five days later, but the netizen did not want to meet them.
  • Giant Pink posted an apology on her Instagram and through her agency saying “I sincerely apologize to the owner who must be suffering a great loss due to this accident, and I would really like to apologize in person. I apologize for causing concern.”

Korean rapper Giant Pink, a member of hip-hop label AIKM under SM Entertainment, has issued an apology regarding her dog’s recent deadly attack on another dog.

The anonymous owner released their story to media outlets Monday alleging Giant Pink’s dog, Hoochu, had killed their dog.

‘Pachinko’ star Jin Ha apologizes for past Tumblr account featuring creep shots of older Korean women

jin ha
  • Actor Jin Ha, who plays Solomon Baek on Apple TV Plus’ new series “Pachinko,” has apologized for his old Tumblr account filled with surreptitiously taken photos of women in public settings coupled with sexually inappropriate captions.
  • The now-deleted Tumblr account mainly featured elderly women with captions such as “Now we have an excuse to stare directly at her right nipple.”
  • Ha made an apology statement in both Korean and English on his website saying he reached out to Tumblr to have the account deleted and that it “should not have been made at all.”
  • Ha has a theater background from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and has starred in television series such as “Devs” and “Love Line,” as well as the Chicago stage production of “Hamilton.”
  • “Pachinko” is based on Minjin Lee’s epic novel about a multigenerational Korean family emigrating to Japan during colonial occupation.

Jin Ha, currently starring in the new Apple TV Plus series “Pachinko” as Solomon Baek, has apologized for his old Tumblr account filled with pictures of unconsenting elderly women in public paired with sexually inappropriate captions.   

The Tumblr blog titled “Korean Flowers in Bloom” ran from 2010-2011. According to The Korea Herald, one post from the blog showed an image of an elderly woman lying on a chair, with the caption: “Working with such a provocative model, I found it hard to keep myself and my concupiscence under control.” A different post featuring a photo of an elderly woman taken from down below had the caption: “Now we have an excuse to stare directly at her right nipple.”

Antioch Formally Apologizes for Mistreating Chinese Residents in Late 1800s

Antioch became the first city in California and the U.S. to officially apologize for the mistreatment of Chinese residents between 1850 and 1870, said Mayor Lamar Thorpe.

The atrocities: At a special meeting held on Tuesday, Thorpe said the city never acknowledged its racist and xenophobic past when Antioch became known at the height of the issue as a sundown town, East Bay Times reported.

Radio Host Jeff Lewis Targets Asian Americans in ‘Racist’ Coronavirus Joke

jeff lewis

SiriusXM radio host Jeff Lewis apologized for several racially insensitive comments he and his guests had directed toward Asian people last week.

The problematic remarks came during Tuesday and Wednesday’s episodes of “Jeff Lewis Live,” in which the former “Flipping Out” star talked about the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) with fellow interior designer Megan Weaver, actor Doug Budin, sister-in-law Carrie Lewis, actress Monika Casey and “Saturday Night Live” alum Cheri Oteri.

Chinese City Sorry for Shaming People Wearing Pajamas in Public


Officials in Suzhou, China have apologized for shaming some of its citizens for wearing pajamas in public by sharing their surnames on social media.

As part of its crackdown on “uncivilized behavior,” officials in Suzhou have publicly displayed the names and pictures of six women and one man who were all caught walking in public while wearing their pajamas, according to Shanghaiist.

J-Pop Idol Reveals Her Managers Forced Her to Apologize After Being Assaulted

NGT48 member Maho Yamaguchi has revealed that her managers forced her to make the on-stage public apology following the idol unit’s latest statement and press conference.

On March 21, the idol group announced the result of an independent third-party investigation into the incident that occurred on December 2018, when Yamaguchi was attacked by two men in her own apartment.

J-Pop Idol Alle‌g‌ed‌ly As‌sa‌ult‌e‌d at Her Home, Then She Had to Apologize for It

NGT48’s Maho Yamaguchi publicly apologized during the group’s third-anniversary concert for bringing up her alleged a‌ssa‌u‌lt that has rocked the idol community over the past few days.

During the event on Thursday night, the 23-year-old member of NGT48 (the sister group of AKB48) was filmed on stage as she ap‌ologi‌zed to fans for “causing trouble,” according to Billboard.