Korean rapper Giant Pink issues apology after her dog attacks and kills another dog at a park

Korean rapper Giant Pink issues apology after her dog attacks and kills another dog at a parkKorean rapper Giant Pink issues apology after her dog attacks and kills another dog at a park
Korean rapper Giant Pink, a member of hip-hop label
The anonymous owner released their story to media outlets Monday alleging Giant Pink’s dog, Hoochu, had killed their dog.
Late in the afternoon on May 7, I went to the Han River Park to walk my two dogs, Kkomi and Yomi,” they said. “While on my usual path, I sat down at a table with my boyfriend and a close friend of mine and we were chatting. At the table next to us, Giant Pink’s older sister, Giant Pink’s two dogs, and two men sat down. Kkomi moved close since she was a larger dog and usually got along well with other large dogs, so she thought ‘a friend is here.’ We still regret that moment.”  
Kkomi’s owner says they allowed their dog to approach and greet Giant Pink’s two dogs. After the greeting, Kkomi began walking back to its table when Giant Pink’s black dog allegedly attacked Kkomi. Kkomi was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead. 
Circumstantially, I believe my dog was dead when the black dog of Giant Pink bit and shook my dog,” Kkomi’s owner said.
The owner goes on to claim that Giant Pink’s sister seemed apathetic to the situation and did not visit Kkomi in the hospital even though she was aware of where it was. 
When I asked her why she did not come to the hospital the day Kkomi was bitten, she said she was surprised and wasn’t able to calm down her dog,” they said. “I was so angry and I cried. Kkomi was lying there bleeding in the cold.”
Giant Pink’s sister and Kkomi’s owner met two days later. 
“I met Giant Pink’s older sister,” Kkomi’s owner said. “She was dressed as if she just finished a work out and sat down with her legs crossed right away, without saying anything. I didn’t feel like she showed up to apologize.”
Five days later, Giant Pink’s husband contacted Kkomi’s owner asking for a meeting, but Kkomi’s owner claims they could not muster up the courage to do so, especially after the meeting with Giant Pink’s sister. 
It was painful to see Giant Pink post about her daily life on social media as well as photos of her going to a pet cafe with her dog and communicating with other people,” Kkomi’s owner said. “Once a dog starts biting, there is a possibility that more dogs or people may fall victim to it.” 
Giant Pink has issued an apology through her agency and on Instagram saying, “Not too long ago, I heard about the news regarding the accident involving Hoochu, the pet dog I am raising together with my older sister. Although I wasn’t present at the scene of the accident, I felt so apologetic as Hoochu’s co-owner and as someone who raises a pet.”

“I want to deliver my apologies in person, so I have contacted the owner of the dog who was a victim, and I am waiting for a response. I sincerely apologize to the owner who must be suffering a great loss due to this accident, and I would really like to apologize in person. I apologize for causing concern.”
Giant Pink is a rapper and winner of the South Korean competition show “Unpretty Rapstar” Season 3. She was also a contestant on “Show Me the Money” Season 5. She recently released a song called “Pink” under SM Entertainment.
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