Chinese City Sorry for Shaming People Wearing Pajamas in Public

Chinese City Sorry for Shaming People Wearing Pajamas in PublicChinese City Sorry for Shaming People Wearing Pajamas in Public
Officials in Suzhou, China have apologized for shaming some of its citizens for wearing pajamas in public by sharing their surnames on social media.
As part of its crackdown on “uncivilized behavior,” officials in Suzhou have publicly displayed the names and pictures of six women and one man who were all caught walking in public while wearing their pajamas, according to Shanghaiist.
On Monday, authorities revealed the photos in an article posted on WeChat which also included part of the civilians’ ID numbers.
After gaining more attention, people began to express their anger online.
“Though I’m not a fan of people who wear pajamas in public, those local officials in Suzhou clearly have no concept of the rule of law. If any of those residents are thinking about suing, please message us directly,” Luo Changping, investigative journalist and co-owner of a law firm, wrote on Weibo, according to Ink Stone News.
Another Weibo user accused authorities of abusing the city’s surveillance technology.
“You guys clearly have nothing else to do,” the user wrote.
Officials have apologized for the “inappropriate” content and later took down the original post.
For context, last year, the urban management office asked citizens for contributions to make their city more “civilized.” The stunt seems to be the result of the public not cooperating with the request.
The tradition of wearing pajamas in public began during a time where Western pajamas were still very expensive in the country. Those who had it would use the pajamas as a way to flaunt their wealth in public.
Feature Image via Shanghaiist
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