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5,000 Cats, Dogs and Other Pets Found DEAD in Boxes at a Shipping Facility in China

Around 5,000 pets were found dead in cardboard boxes at a shipping facility in central China last week, sparking outrage among animal lovers and rights activists.

The pets were kept in plastic or metal cages that had been wrapped in the boxes, which barely had breathing holes in them.

The animals were left without food or water for about a week, causing them to die of suffocation, dehydration and starvation. (WARNING: This article contains graphic images. Viewer discretion is advised.)

Fisherman Sparks Massive Outrage Online for Posting Video Abusing Helpless Sea Turtle

A fisherman of Asian origin is drawing much hate online after a video of him riding on the back of a sea turtle was posted on social media.

We are in a state of emergency surrounding how humans value and treat wildlife. The world’s population of human beings needs a lot of environmental education, which must be part of conservation programmes worldwide. #LetLive #SeaTurtles #Cruelty #Humans #Respect #Education #Wildlife #Oceans #KarmaPleaseAct

Dog Gets Rescued by Worried Neighbor After Being Neglected, Owner Demands Its Return

A Singapore-based animal rescue group, Voices For Animals (VFA), rescued a neglected Maltese after being alerted by a concerned neighbor but its owner demands the pooch be returned to their home.

The call for help was spotted on Facebook by one of the group’s volunteers last week when the concerned neighbor found the dog in a terrible state, a VFA spokesperson told Coconuts Singapore.

Chinese Aquarium Sparks Outrage After Trainer Puts Lipstick on a Beluga Whale

Shengya Ocean World in Dalian, Liaoning Province, China, apologized after a video clip showing one of its trainers putting lipstick on a beluga whale to make it look “prettier” went viral on Chinese social media.

The 10-second clip first made rounds in China’s popular short video sharing platform Douyin with the caption that reads “very pretty,” according to Shanghaiist. A female trainer can be seen laughing as she puts lipstick on the animal’s mouth.

Pet Owner Demands Answers After Dog Suffers Severe Injuries From Airport Staff in China

The owner of a golden retriever is demanding answers from the staff at Tianhe International Airport in Hubei’s capital of Wuhan after the dog was allegedly brutalized while airport staff attempted to catch it.

The 11-month-old pooch’s 23-year-old owner said that this dog, identified by Metro as Er Mao, suffered severe injuries to its eyes and body after being handled by airport staff.

Taiwan Just Became the First Asian Country to Ban Eating Cats and Dogs

Taiwan has introduced new animal welfare laws that could hand out fines for eating dog or cat meat as well as prison time for those who torture and kill animals.

Approved by the Legislative Yuan on Tuesday, Taiwan’s Animal Protection Act amendments prohibit the sale, purchase or consumption of dog or cat meat, and in doing so will make Taiwan the first Asian country to pass such legislation, according to the China Post.

Man Caught on Video Throwing Rocks at Sleeping Kangaroos in Chinese Zoo to Get Them to Jump

Zoo visitors are usually warned not to feed the animals or throw things in exhibits, but one jerk decided to chuck some rocks at a group of kangaroos in Yangzhou, China, on Sunday.

The man was caught on video attempting to throw multiple stones at the resting animals in order to get them to move and hop around, but he was immediately stopped by fellow visitors, according to Shanghaiist.

Animal Activists Want Japan’s Owl Cafes Shut Down For Animal Abuse

Animal cafes have become a growing trend in Japan in recent years, with various establishments dedicated to cats, rabbits, goats, and even hedgehogs sprouting in different parts of the country.

In this on-going craze, owls have become the latest attraction, but such interests in placing the nocturnal predator in an owl cafe have become a cause for worry to animal rights activists, reports Reuters.