Fisherman Sparks Massive Outrage Online for Posting Video Abusing Helpless Sea Turtle

Fisherman Sparks Massive Outrage Online for Posting Video Abusing Helpless Sea Turtle

August 31, 2018
A fisherman of Asian origin is drawing much hate online after a video of him riding on the back of a sea turtle was posted on social media.
The video, which was posted on Instagram by user nakaweproject, is believed to have been taken somewhere in the seas off Vietnam, though it was initially reported as being off the coast of China, according to Daily Mail. It shows an unnamed Vietnamese-speaking man riding the sea turtle while crazed screams echo in the background as he tortures the obviously terrified animal.
Brief laughter can be heard in the background, too, but all the people aboard the boat or ship seem like they couldn’t care less about the safety of the animal as they just ignore the cruelty that’s happening.
Not yet satisfied, the fisherman drags the sea turtle back with its hind flippers – he even tried to lift the poor animal as it struggles and fights for its freedom.
After dropping the reptile, the man once again lifted it up by its shell as he shouts like a maniac while the sea turtle frantically waves its front flippers seemingly attempting to flee from the clutches of the fisherman.
It is still unclear who this man is, but many netizens were horrified by what this person showed in the video.
This is just so hard for me to watch. How can human beings be so cruel?” one user wrote in the Instagram comment section.
I’ve never felt so ashamed of the human race, some people don’t deserve to be on this planet!” another user said.
“Oh my God this man have no sense or Heart poor little turtle he is so stupid.”
Images via Instagram / nakaweproject
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