Dog Gets Rescued by Worried Neighbor After Being Neglected, Owner Demands Its Return

Dog Gets Rescued by Worried Neighbor After Being Neglected, Owner Demands Its Return

July 20, 2018
A Singapore-based animal rescue group, Voices For Animals (VFA), rescued a neglected Maltese after being alerted by a concerned neighbor but its owner demands the pooch be returned to their home.
The call for help was spotted on Facebook by one of the group’s volunteers last week when the concerned neighbor found the dog in a terrible state, a VFA spokesperson told Coconuts Singapore.
Pictures posted on the group’s Facebook page shows the dog’s heavily stained and matted fur, with its tongue lolling out of its mouth, and its toenails have grown out of control.
Look at the state of this poor fellow, an appeal came in and my team went over and took over the dog, clearly from what we physically saw, we are just speechless,” Derrick Tan, the founder of VFA, wrote in the Facebook post.
The veterinarian who checked on the poor dog stated that it suffered non-specific “welfare issues.” The full report will be submitted to the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) sometime this week.
The Maltese, which is under the care of a vet, is being urged to return home after the owner penned a letter to the VFA, but the group strongly recommended that the AVA not let the owner have the dog.
I have been doing pet rescues for a Long time, sometime the pet we received and the worst condition comes from Home pet owners,” Tan wrote in the Facebook post. “Those that suffered quietly happened mostly at home, no one Voices for them, no one know. And the end results often the suffering of the animals for a Long period and subsequently dumped, abandoned or given up.”
Further updates to the case will be forwarded to the VFA once the AVA reaches a decision after it visits the dog and its owner.
Owners who fail to meet minimum standards in the AVA’s Code of Animal Welfare (for Pet Owners) could face animal cruelty charges. First-time offenders may be fined up to $15,000 Singapore dollars ($10,949) and/or jailed up to 18 months.
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