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AI’s prediction of what last selfies on Earth would look like are total nightmare fuel

  • A TikTok account that shares “disturbing” AI-generated images recently uploaded a video predicting what the last selfie on Earth could look like.
  • The images generated by the DALL-E AI show apocalyptic scenes with mutilated humans taking selfies.
  • The video has garnered over 7.2 million views and 1.6 million likes since being uploaded on Sunday.

An artificial intelligence program asked to predict what “the last selfie ever taken” would look like resulted in several nightmarish images.

TikTok account Robot Overloards, which dedicates its page to providing viewers with “daily disturbing Ai generated images,” uploaded a video on Sunday where the AI DALL-E was asked to predict what the last selfies on Earth would look like. 

China develops AI ‘prosecutor’ that can charge citizens with crimes with ‘97% accuracy’

chinese court

China has developed an artificial intelligence capable of charging people with more than 97% accuracy, replacing prosecutors “to a certain extent,” according to its researchers.

How it works: The machine, built and tested by the Shanghai Pudong People’s Procuratorate — China’s largest district prosecution office — can file a charge based only on verbal description, according to the South China Morning Post. The program runs on a desktop computer.

Japanese man is the first suspect ever arrested for using deepfake tech to de-pixelate porn

Japanese man deepfake porn

A Japanese man was arrested on Monday after he effectively removed pixelated parts in censored domestically produced porn videos using artificial intelligence.

Abuse of tech power: Masayuki Nakamoto, a 43-year-old website owner from Hyogo prefecture, was apprehended for using deepfake technology in reversing pixelation in Japanese adult videos and then reselling the videos to willing buyers, reported VICE

Singapore MOH chatbot’s response to a user who said that his son had COVID: ‘You should practice safe sex’

Ask Jamie chatbot

Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) has temporarily stopped its “Ask Jamie” chatbot on Monday after it gave out inappropriate and unrelated answers to COVID-19 questions.

Wear a condom: Screenshots of the replies from Ask Jamie began circulating the internet earlier this week, with one social media user sharing the exchange they had with the A.I. assistant on Reddit, according to The Register.

Popular South Korean influencer who’s landed over 100 sponsorships is not actually a real person

Rozy, an AI influencer

Rozy is a South Korean social media personality whose ads are racking up millions of views on YouTube, and she isn’t even a real person.

AI-powered social media star: The influencer, who now has over 58,000 Instagram followers, is actually a virtual human created by South Korean content-creation group Sidus Studio X. She is the first of her kind in Korea to be based on artificial intelligence, reported

Creepy AI Tech From China Can Identify You 50 Meters Away With Your Back Turned, Face Covered

China is testing a new monitoring technology that could identify a person even when they are not facing the camera, just by analyzing the way they walk.

Developed by Chinese startup Watrix, the advanced artificial intelligence technology can reportedly recognize individuals even if their faces are not visible to the camera for up to 50 yards away, reports South China Morning Post

Chinese Student Creates AI That Can Turn Photos into Anime

An undergraduate student from China’s Fudan University showcased a new artificial intelligence (AI) software that can turn regular human photos into an anime masterpiece using the Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) and Deep Learning method.

Yanghua Jin is attempting to create a computer program that can learn from its own mistakes the longer it works. This is all done using GAN’s two networks: the generator and the discriminator, according to SoraNews24.

China Shuts Down 12 Dating Apps After ‘Women’ Turn Out to Be AI Bots

Chinese authorities shut down multiple dating apps after hundreds of thousands of customers complained that the sexy women they were chatting with online turned out to be artificial intelligence (AI) bots.

A dozen dating apps run by 21 firms in China have been closed down over fraud allegations, according to a report by the New Express (via the South China Morning Post). Clients who were seeking dates online found themselves communicating with AI computer programs in some of the apps.

AI Robot Takes China’s Notoriously Difficult ‘SAT’ Exam, Fails Miserably

A Chinese artificially intelligent robot took only 22 minutes to finish China’s notoriously grueling national college entrance exam, but it delivered a score that fell short of any tiger mom’s standards.

AI-MATHS, a tall black box with 11 servers, scored only 105 points of 150 when it took the gaokao’s two-hour math test in Sichuan Province’s capital of Chengdu on Wednesday.