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Japanese YouTuber reveals he bought the $10,000 Gucci Xbox in unboxing video

One of Japan’s most subscribed-to YouTubers bought a limited-edition $10,000 Gucci Xbox, which he revealed in an unboxing video he posted on Sunday.

Super rare: Japanese YouTuber Hikakin has over 10.3 million subscribers and is a musician known for beat-boxing a cover of the “Super Mario Bros.” theme song in 2010, which currently has close to 53 million views.

South Korean artist creates balloon chairs selling for up to $10,000 plus


South Korean artist Seungjin Yang combines functionality with childhood imagination in his line of chairs that are sculpted to look like balloon art. Made with real balloons, the artist quite literally breathes life into his creations worth thousands. 

Yang began “The Blowing Series” in 2013 with “his intention to transform undefined form of balloons into a type of sculpture through his own interpretations.” He has since furthered his mission to try to form “balanced structures and rigid textures” from the unstable material. 

Timeless Photos Squash Stereotype of Asian Americans as ‘Perpetual Foreigners’

Although one and a half centuries have passed since the first major wave of Asian immigrants arrived on U.S. shores, many Asian Americans continue to feel like strangers in their own homeland.

Despite the community’s invaluable contributions to get America to where it is today, the group as a whole is still overlooked. Even worse, it is blamed for the most pressing problem that besets the country and the rest of the world at present.

Japanese YouTuber Invents Machine That Creates ‘Kamehameha’ and ‘Absolute Terror Field’


A Japanese YouTuber has gone viral for his invention that lets people perform a real-life Kamehameha from “Dragon Ball” and an A.T. (Absolute Terror) Field used by the Angels and Evangelions in “Neon Genesis Evangelion.”

Goku Shoots Frieza in the Face

On Dec. 4, YouTuber SUSHI RAMEN [Riku] showcased one of his inventions that shoots out a Kamehameha, a popular finishing move of Son Goku in the anime/manga series “Dragon Ball Z.”