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Japanese YouTuber Invents Machine That Creates ‘Kamehameha’ and ‘Absolute Terror Field’


A Japanese YouTuber has gone viral for his invention that lets people perform a real-life Kamehameha from “Dragon Ball” and an A.T. (Absolute Terror) Field used by the Angels and Evangelions in “Neon Genesis Evangelion.”

Goku Shoots Frieza in the Face

On Dec. 4, YouTuber SUSHI RAMEN [Riku] showcased one of his inventions that shoots out a Kamehameha, a popular finishing move of Son Goku in the anime/manga series “Dragon Ball Z.”

How One Australian Woman Learned to Lift and Discovered Her Dream Job

As a teenager, Australian Meg Kimura felt the constant pressure to be skinny. High school friends and stereotypes enforced by the media had pushed her to the point of having a toxic relationship with food, manifesting into an eating disorder, she told Daily Mail.

“Partly because cultural norms from my background idealizes being thin, but mainly from my high school social circles,” she told NextShark.