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Photographer Brilliantly Captures What Happens When You Tell People They’re Beautiful

Professional photographer Mehmet Genç photographed women from various indigenous communities to see how they would react when told they are beautiful.

Genç, a Turkish travel photographer, goes by the name of Rotasiz Seyyah which roughly translates to nomad without a route. He worked for six years is IT in Istanbul before quitting his job to pursue his passion of photography.

Meet the Vietnamese Immigrants Who Created a Multi-Million Dollar Banh Mi Sandwich Empire

Lee’s Sandwiches, the multi-million dollar Vietnamese banh mi sandwich empire, began as a modest food truck run by a family that arrived in America with little to nothing.

Chieu Le, the founder of Lee’s Sandwiches and the eldest of nine children, was in his second year of law school before the fall of Saigon. In 1975, the Vietcong shut down the law school and took over the family’s property and sugar plant business.

Eerie Photos Reveal What Fukushima Looks Like 4 Years After the Nuclear Disaster

One photographer had the opportunity to get a rare look inside the abandoned radioactive towns of Fukushima, Japan four years after two natural disasters triggered a meltdown at the nuclear plant.  

Arkadiusz Podniesiński, 44, is a Polish photographer and filmmaker who received special permits to visit the towns in Fukushima affected by radiation from the infamous nuclear accident of 2011. The sights he witnessed tell a tragic story of the people who were forced to leave their homes following the nearby power plant meltdown.

Her Parents Pushed Her to Be a Doctor — Now She’s One of the Biggest Asian Fitness Gurus

One woman who defied her parent’s wishes of becoming a doctor is now one of the biggest fitness icons on social media and inspiring millions to improve their health.

Cassey Ho, 29, is the founder of Blogilates, a YouTube channel for fitness, fashion and health with over 3.2 million subscribers. Her online videos have been viewed over 374 million times and her dance-style POP pilates classes are expected to be available in around 400 24 Hour Fitness clubs by 2017.

Meet the First Chinese WWE Superstar

World Wrestling Entertainment is wooing China and it seems to be working.

WWE, America’s popular wrestling entertainment company, is making moves on China after signing on its first Chinese pro-wrestler, Wang Bin, in June. The 22-year-old commenced training at the “performance center” in Orlando, Florida shortly after.

Stunning Photos Document Malaysia’s ‘Sea Gypsies’ Who Spend Most of Their Lives on Water

Few people know of the “sea gypsies” who spend their lives on the water and inhabit the remote islands off the coast of Malaysia.

The Bajau people, otherwise known as sea gypsies, are native to these areas and have been minimally affected by the world’s rapid globalization. Their isolation has allowed them to continue living the traditional lifestyles that their ancestors led.

What’s Going to Happen to the North Korean Athlete Who Took This Selfie?

A photo of a North and South Korean gymnast taking a selfie at the Olympics has raised more than a few brows.

Olympic gymnast Lee Eun-Ju of South Korea recently snapped a selfie with Hong Un Jong of North Korea during the games in Rio de Janeiro. It’s no secret that North and South Korea aren’t exactly friends, which is why many people are wondering whether North Korea’s Hong will face repercussions when she returns home after.

Meet the 25-Year-Old USC Alumni Who Started the First Female-Led Millenial Venture Capital Firm

One 25-year-old is paving the way as a pioneering women in venture capital and entrepreneurship in the U.S. and Asia.

Pocket (Yiqing) Sun has accomplished much for someone her age having graced the cover of Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia in Venture Capital and Finance and becoming the youngest person in LinkedIn 2015 Top Voices in VC & Entrepreneurship