13 Snapchat Hacks and Tricks that Prove You Are a Snapchat Master

13 Snapchat Hacks and Tricks that Prove You Are a Snapchat Master
Laura Dang
June 13, 2016
These Snapchat hacks will make you a Snapchat master if you aren’t one already. 
Snapchat novices and veterans alike may be surprised to know that they can do things like create their own geofilters and add multiple filters on their snaps. Here are 13 tips that will ensure you’re on top of your Snapchat game.
1. Create your own geofilter.
You can create your very own geofilter for special events like a house party or birthday bash. Simply go to the Snapchat website and upload your designs and artwork. Users also select a location and time for their geofilter. They are then prompted to submit it to the Snapchat team for review.
2. Add more colors to your art palette. 
Drag your finger from the rainbow color bar (that typically appears on the top right corner) to the other three corners and around the screen. iPhone users will discover hidden colors such as shades of pink and black and white. 
3. Take a picture or record a video with volume buttons. 
Instead of holding down the button on the screen to record, users can use the volume buttons to snap a photo or to record a video.
4. Personalize your Snapchat’s emoji “best friends” system.
You first have to go to settings. Then under “Additional Services,” click on “Manage.” In the menu, select “Friend Emojis.” From there, you can click on each of the friend emojis and change the emoji. A description from each of the emojis is also provided.
5. Add multiple filters
After taking a picture, swipe either left or right to add a filter. Then hold down the screen with one finger and continue swiping left or right to add an additional filter.
6. Enable “Travel Mode” to save data.
First go to settings. Then under “Additional Services,” click on “Manage.” In the menu, turn on “Travel Mode.” It reduces Snapchat’s mobile data usage so you’ll need to tap to load content like Snaps and Stories.
7. How to screenshot without anyone knowing 
Allow your Snapchat photo or video to load on your phone. Go to your phone settings and turn on airplane mode. Then open Snapchat again and take the screenshot. Go back to your phone settings and disable airplane mode. Since your Wi-Fi isn’t on during the Snapchat, it doesn’t notify users that you’ve taken the Snapchat.
8. Sending money via Snapchat
Snapchat has partnered with Square to enable users to transfer money. The service is similar to Venmo.
9. Add users nearby. 
Click on “Add Friends.” In the menu there is an option that says “Add Nearby.” Snapchat searches for users nearby you so that you can easily add new friends. Other users also have to open “Add Nearby” in their own Snapchat for this to work.
10. Add users using their Snapchat code
Instead of having to enter contact information or a username manually, users can scan Snapchat codes to add friends.
11. Snapchat has a secret trophy case. 
Go to your main Snapchat screen where you are able to see your username, score and settings. Above your Snapchat code is a trophy icon. The emoji trophies all symbolize different achievements.
12. Make your own colored filters using emojis.
After you’ve taken a picture, pick an emoji from the stickers menu. Enlarge the emoji and adjust it so that the edge of the emoji is over your picture.
13. Throwback to old lenses by changing the time and date on your phone. 
Snapchat is constantly rotating in and out old and new lenses. If your favorite lenses isn’t there anymore, you can go into your device’s main settings and reverse the date. Turn off automatic date and time in the settings and then enter the date that offered the lenses you want.
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