Kobe Bryant Reveals Why He’s Such a BAMF During a Conference in Shanghai

During an interview at a conference in Shanghai, Kobe Bryant imparted a few wise words of advice to his audience.
The Summit, which took place last week in China, celebrated the gathering of purportedly 400 Chinese entrepreneurs and innovators. In the talk, founder Elliott Bisnow asked Bryant how he deals with pressure. The five-time NBA basketball champion answered:
“Pressure isn’t real. What is pressure? Pressure is your ego because you want to win something, prove something, achieve something… It’s not real. It’s ego. I haven’t dealt with it since I can remember.”
Bryant recently retired from the NBA following a 20-year career with the Lakers. When asked how Bryant handles the hardships he’s encountered in life, he said:
“Enjoy hard times because they make you better. Most people try to get through hard times and don’t embrace and acknowledge what hard times are. You need to embrace the hard times in order to learn and grow.”
Bryant is no doubt a standout in his game. He is an 18-time All-Star and scored 60 points in his final game. When asked what life quote the basketball superstar lives by, he responded:
“Rest at the end. Not in the middle.”
Bryant is certainly enjoying the retirement life as his trip to China wasn’t all business. Jackie Chan took the basketball star out to dinner in Beijing. 
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