Taiwanese Pet Salon Will Turn Your Pet Into a Dinosaur, a Bear or Hello Kitty

Taiwanese Pet Salon Will Turn Your Pet Into a Dinosaur, a Bear or Hello KittyTaiwanese Pet Salon Will Turn Your Pet Into a Dinosaur, a Bear or Hello Kitty
Laura Dang
June 21, 2016
Grooming your pets may not always be fun for you or your pet, but this Taiwanese salon is changing all of that.
Owner of the salon, Ou Shih-jou, wanted to give customers a different experience from the traditional shaving of their furry animals. Groomers at the salon have become masters of their craft and can even shave cats into stegosauruses and Hello Kitty into dogs.
The dinosaur design appears to be one of the popular ones at the salon. Ou told Reuters:
“When a cat gets angry, the fur on its back erects, that made us come up with ‘stegosaurus design.’ It (makes the cat) look like a small dinosaur. The owners were happy after they came back to see it, thinking it was quite creative.”
According to Ou, groomers at Igogo are able to cut and shave any design as long as the animals have enough fur to work with.
The salon never dyes fur and only shaves and trims it. Lee Mei-chen, 30, is a former hairdresser who now works at the salon. She specializes in the complex teddy bear design, which can take up to three hours to complete.
Lee has six-years of experience on the job and says that each design is tailored on the natural fur of the pet. She explained:
“Because we don’t provide the service of dying fur into different colors, we try to find a style that matches the appearance of (the pet) and then come up with a design. Of course everyone thinks that Hello Kitty is white and that a lion is dark brown. We try to come up with designs based on that concept.”  
Prices start at $20 and vary depending on the style and difficulty of the shape and designs. Since the salon opened in September, their work has been a huge hit among pet owners. One happy customer, Kuo Yu-lan, said:
“I think their technique is great. I haven’t seen anything like this before, so I think they are really amazing. When walking (the pets) outside, people think it’s amazing and magical.”
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“Everyone wants to take a photograph and see what kind of styles they came up with. First people thought there was something on their bodies so they came closer to see what it was, trying to identify the patterns.”
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