This 21-Year-Old’s Innovative Resume Landed Him an Offer at GQ Without an Interview

This 21-Year-Old’s Innovative Resume Landed Him an Offer at GQ Without an Interview
Laura Dang
June 20, 2016
This man landed an offer from GQ and skipped the interview process by sending in an untraditional resume.
Sumukh Mehta, 21, scored an internship from British GQ by creating a unique 20-page magazine spread with him on the cover as his resume.
Mehta, who is from Bangalore, India, included details about his work experience, relevant coursework, education and life stories in his impressive magazine resume.
With the help from friends, Mehta put together the magazine resume and sent it via courier to GQ’s offices in New York, London and Mumbai.
The 21-year-old was successful in convincing British GQ Editor-in-chief Dylan Jones to give him the London internship. GQ India’s editor Che Kurrien also posted his cover page on Instagram.
Mehta wrote in a Facebook post:  
“It took me more than three weeks to make this resume including the photo shoots, graphic designing and content writing.”
According to his resume, Mehta has taken courses from Vanderbilt University and online courses from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School.
His work experiences include stints with Viber, Vogue Eyewear and Dell.
In the past, Mehta earned money while in college by creating resumes for MBA graduates via his website Your Pitchh.
He helped 160 clients with their resumes and then decided to make one for himself.
Seems like his outside of the box thinking paid off! Mehta isn’t the only one with a creative resume though. This woman thoroughly impressed Airbnb’s CEO with her brilliant resume. 
h/t: Being Indian
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