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These Asian parents reacting to their Olympic children deserve their own medals

Asian parents of Olympic athletes

It’s not a secret that most Asian parents want the best for their children and that especially rings true for the parents of Asian Olympic athletes. 

Take a look at these parents expressing their pride towards their children at this year’s 2020 Tokyo Games. Although Olympic officials did not allow spectators this year, that didn’t stop parents from cheering their kids on.

‘We’re better than that’: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin calls anti-Asian hate ‘un-American’

anti Asian hate

The U.S. Defense Secretary affirmed the country had “lapsed” when it came to the rise of anti-Asian hate while giving a lecture in Singapore.

Working towards a “more perfect union”: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin spoke about the rise in anti-Asian attacks in the U.S. at the International Institute for Strategic Studies Fullerton Lecture on Tuesday.

Kelly Hu, Charlyne Yi and more hold virtual table read to raise $180K to build 3D printed school

thinking huts

Non-profit Thinking Huts will host a diverse group of actors for a charity event, with proceeds going toward 3D printed schools in countries that need it the most.

Details on the event: The virtual table reading of “Second Act,” released in 2018, will be held tomorrow at 6 p.m. MT/8 p.m. ET. The first 1,000 registrants will have an opportunity to take part in building their first school in Madagascar. The event will also include a silent auction.

Before Brown v. Board of Education, These Chinese American Parents Fought for Desegregation in 1880s SF

Tape v. Hurley

A Chinese American family from San Francisco won a lawsuit in the 1880s after the eldest daughter was denied admittance to an all-white school, creating a vital civil rights case for Asian families in America. 

Barred from an education: Joseph and Mary Tape, who had both immigrated to the U.S. at a young age, were not allowed to enroll their 8-year-old daughter, Mamie, in Spring Valley Primary School in September 1884 because she was of Chinese descent.

Immortal Studios Virtual Summit to Uplift AAPI Representation in Entertainment and Media


The Amplifying AAPI Representation in Entertainment and Media (AAREM) summit series will be held on Wednesday with “prominent AAPI creators, artists, industry leaders, elected officials, tech innovators, journalists and more.”

About the event: Immortal Studios partnered with NextShark, the Los Angeles Times and CAPE (Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment) for the summit to promote dialogue around AAPI representation in film, television and pop culture, framed as a “natural extension of the recent focus on ending Anti-Asian violence.”

Filipino Sailors Created the First Asian American Settlement in Louisiana

Filipino fishermen

The first permanent Asian American settlement was a village in 18th-century Louisiana where Filipino fishermen resided.

What was Saint Malo: The Manilamen were part of a group of people who created the first Filipino and Asian American settlement in North America, according to HistoryTheir settlement — named after Juan San Maló — was a fishing village along the shores of Louisiana’s Lake Borgne.