Racist Terrorizes Chinese Family’s Children, Home in Hate Crime in San Jose

Racist Terrorizes Chinese Family’s Children, Home in Hate Crime in San JoseRacist Terrorizes Chinese Family’s Children, Home in Hate Crime in San Jose
Kimberly Nguyen
April 5, 2021
A man has been arrested for demanding entry into a young family’s house in San Jose and yelling racial slurs at the couple’s 6-year-old twins inside in late March, according to
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The incident, captured on the family’s security camera, shows a man walking across their lawn, already yelling something indiscernible before forcibly knocking on their door. Seemingly agitated when no one responded, the man could be seen walking away yelling at the house before walking towards the door and knocking again. 
“Open the door right now! Communist China! You f*cking Commies! This is America!” he could be heard yelling.
The children inside, thinking the person outside was a delivery driver, did not open the door. One of the sons asked their mother if the incident was related to the amount of time they were on their iPad for. The mother was speechless in response, she told Lim.
The San Jose Police Department is investigating the incident as a hate crime.
Their parents, Huang and Yim, had immigrated to the country from China when they were teenagers, Ying told Lim.
“I said you did nothing wrong, we did absolutely nothing wrong,” their mother Ying said in response.
The couple described a mix of emotions ranging from anger to fear, emphasizing they did not want their children to get hurt.
“You came here out of nowhere to scare my kids. It’s not okay,” Ying said.
Huang said he was an avid reader of the news, never imagining the situation their family was in would happen to them in the 20 years they have been in the area. The couple called the authorities immediately, he described.
“I have to take action against this,” he said.
The couple took action by creating a community that looked out for each other, giving their neighbor’s boxes of candies and telling them what had happened to their own family. The suspect has been arrested previously for abusing his father, according to the San Jose Police. The couple is also seeking a restraining order against him.
Feature Image via Dion Lim
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