Car Community in Anaheim Raises Over $33,000 to Fight Anti-Asian Hate

Car Community in Anaheim Raises Over $33,000 to Fight Anti-Asian HateCar Community in Anaheim Raises Over $33,000 to Fight Anti-Asian Hate
Kimberly Nguyen
April 26, 2021
An auto show event raised over $33,000 for non-profit Hate Is A Virus on April 17 in Anaheim, California.
The event featured professional BMW race car driver and organizer Samantha Tan as well as drifter Sara Choi.
Different makes and models of cars made an appearance, starting with a rally in Santa Clarita and ending with a car show at Anaheim Gardenwalk.
The organizers of the event were The BH2 Charity Foundation, Samantha Tan, Sara Choi, Dhillon Alamshaw, Kali Moldavon, Joseph Azizi and Shota Ishizawa.
Tan told NextShark that her racing team, Samantha Tan Racing, was part of the event along with Hate Is A Virus, the Anaheim Police Department and many others.
Over 1,000 participants came together to raise money for Hate is a Virus’ CommUNITY Action Fund. The goal of the fund is to raise $1 million to distribute to organizations providing help and resources to the Asian community, including mental health programs and protection for the elderly.
Hate is a Virus began in April 2020 in response to the rise in anti-Asian violence during the COVID-19 pandemic.
“For as long as these issues persist, #HATEISAVIRUS will be here to raise awareness and reinforce our message that our community will not stand back and tolerate these injustices,” Tammy Cho, CEO and co-founder, told NextShark in a previous interview. “And we hope to spread this message by not only mobilizing our own Asian American community but also encouraging communities beyond to stand in solidarity with us.”
Earlier this month in California, a photo circulated on social media of a car with the license plate “ASN FLU” and an elderly Asian woman was fatally stabbed while walking her dogs.
Feature Image via Samantha Tan
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