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Why So Many Nail Salons Are Run By Vietnamese People

If you’ve ever been to a nail salon before, chances are you’ve encountered a Vietnamese establishment; in fact, they seem to be running any given nail salon that you might walk into. But why? Is it a family tradition, the secret of the French manicure passed down from generation to generation? Do they have a natural ability to own and operate these types of businesses? Or is it something else?

In fact, the origin behind this phenomenon is far more interesting than a family tradition or an innate knack, and it all starts with the Vietnam war, a Hollywood actress, and 20 refugees.

Doctor Eugene Gu Fired From Hospital For Standing Against White Supremacy

Doctor Eugene Gu, internet famous for drawing criticism for taking a knee against White supremacy on Twitter, revealed that he was fired from Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) after experiencing a string of bullying incidents and complaints from patients who allegedly had a problem with his stance against racism.

Gu, a vocal proponent in the fight against White supremacy, originally made headlines for taking a knee in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick.

Redditor Shares Epic Story of Hmong Dad Who Escaped Communist Laos in the ’70s

“What is a story you’ve been dying to tell?”

In a now-archived AskReddit post, Redditor average_smaverage opened up a platform for others in the community to share some of their most interesting experiences. Some wrote about people who had made lasting impressions on them, while others talked about good deeds they’d done but hadn’t been able to talk about in person without coming off as bragging.

Teens Apprehended for ‘Racist Attack’ on Chinese Student in Spain

After a month since the incident, two suspects have been captured for their involvement in a racist attack against a Chinese student in Malaga, Spain.

The victim, Zhang Dantong, said in a FaceBook post that she was surrounded by a group of Spanish teenagers as she was travelling by train on April 29. The teenagers bullied her, hitting her on the head, threw a cigarette at her, and called her names, including “puta China”, which translates to “Chinese whore”. They also made fun of her accent, telling her to “go back to your f*cking country.”

Adorable Little Girl Gives Divorced Parents Heartbreaking Relationship Advice

Being a child of divorce can be really tough — just ask Tiana, who at six years old was already giving her parents advice on how to have a happy relationship.

Her mother, Cherish Sherry, recorded the precocious little girl as she sat on the stairs of their Surrey, British Columbia home after she and her ex-husband, Alfred, had gotten into a heated exchange in front of their daughter. After the two had calmed down, Tiana told them both to be nice to each other.